Sunday, November 18, 2007

more reasons to hide your camera from your kids...

Driving to see the Robbins' last Wed...thanks Will
Piper spent the night Fri. night...
yet another reason to hide the cam...
Molly stylin' in her borrowed exersaucer...
yah, another reason....we need more pix
of Levi's mouth close-up.
Well, here we are, another week. Weren't we just in last week? I was looking for pix to post on here so my sister would have something to see on Monday morning...the kids' strike again. I got a few pix in though, ones that make sense anyway. maybe.
The top pic was taken by Will. We drove down to friends' house in southern IN last Wed. #2 is Uncle "Davey" with Levi and Pipes...that girl is wild and crazy, I tell ya! I meant to get some pix of her and Levi all dressed and ready to "get married"...and she informed him that when they WERE married, that they would be able "to kiss". ha ha. she is too cute and too dramatic for her own cutie patootie good.
#3 is another kid gift...Levi is wearing his pj's on his head. he is such a goober. such a show off. totally into telling me that he doesn't like "this or that".
#4: Molly is using my lovely friend, Donna's, exersaucer (thank you Donna, you are pretty AND helpful)...which I thought she may be too young for, but she actually does quite well in it and it's nice for her to have a place to sit and observe the coming's and going's of our household. she is even starting to grab for toys quite nicely. soon enough, she will be into EVERYTHING. and I'm just not that ready for that phase. She is really just too dang cuddly and adorable though.
#5 self-explanatory...see #3.
Otherwise, this weekend held many enjoyable times. David and I went out on a date Friday night...yes, a that as it may....I got to leave Molly and her siblings for 5 hours...David's a part of the Bricklayer's union and they had their annual holiday dinner. good food, weird fellowship, we only knew the one couple at our table because he's the dude that did our brick work in the early fall. then we went to the new Barnes and Noble bookstore for a while, got some coffee and shared a piece of devilishly rich double choco cheesecake. Looked at some books and then it closed so we drove for a bit and went home. We hope to be able to go out on a REAL (non-bricklayers related) date soon...k Mom? are you up to it? (she is my only one else likes us or does it for free...sigh). Yesterday was cleaning, raking, mowing, Tom came and spent some quality time with Levi(you are an awesome uncle, Tom, thanks for being with Levi). David and the 2 big boys worked. I love the satisfaction you get when you mow your leaves and you can see your yard again. Mel, Levi, Molly and I went to our family Bible study last night, which was on thankfulness and how we should be thankful to the Lord every day, not just one day or one week per year. I needed to hear that. In light of all that is happening around us, I'm thankful that the Lord blessed me with good family and an incredible husband. He is not afraid to stand in the gap for me or anyone else around him. You rock, Davey boy. My kids are pretty dang cool too! I am one blessed momma/sister/daughter/friend.
Well, I think I could ramble on and on so I will put myself out of your misery. Happy Monday. At least you only have to work 4 days this week, Beck. Isn't that cool?? we should go shopping at midnight Thursday...or all day friday...doesn't that sound FUUUUUUUUUUUUN? no. good night y'all.


Anonymous said...

Your kids are awesome! Thanks again for letting Piper spend the night! She had a blast and she is just thrilled to be "married" to Levi. Your big kids were such a HUGE help when i was down there Friday night. They ROCK! You and David have raised such wonderful, caring and genuine kiddos!

Smooches, Kara said...

Anytime Jason and I have a date away from the kiddos we always end up at Barnes and Noble!!! I wonder if they knew they would end up as a safe haven for adults that need grown up time!!

Levi's teeth look fabulous!!