Monday, November 26, 2007

Just a bit more Matt

see explanation below
Will strikes again
he even got one of himself....
checking out the funny pix
these are the mad faces
yes, I was here too...I just slept the whole time!
sad boys
I can't remember what these expressions are...

Aren't these fun pix? Matt taught the kids how to do expression pix...E. and Mel can make some faces, can't they? I like the Melanie/Matt mad one!

Will didn't get too involved...he was too busy taking some funny pix of his own with my cam while I wasn't looking. not sure if I should post any of those because a couple of them are of me. The pic of David and Matt is funny because I got the normal brother shot and then Matt laid his head down on D's shoulder and David's expression didn't change, he just looked more's fun to do that to you, David...loosen up, ol' boy. (he really has loosened up since I met him over 15 years ago...) Anyways, it was fun, come again, Matt!

We are finally going to get the ornaments on our tree has been "lit up" since Fri. night but we just haven't taken the time to do it and besides that, I want to get pix of the event. All five kids gathered around the tree, puttin' on the ritz and each of their ornaments from over the years. a very cozy day today...with all of this gooshy rain and drear! We will brighten the day with our Christmas spirit...yeah, ok. crank up the XM Holiday Traditions, watch Elf again...good stuff.

A very happy 3 MONTH BIRTHDAY to you today, Dear Little Nora!! You are getting to be such a big, chatty girl! Love you!
Ok, I'm outta here till later...hope your dreary Monday is going well for ya!

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