Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Drumstick Dash!!

Elvis was in attendance...this guy actually ran in this get-up My loving hubby of 14 years!! wow. either he left his eyes at home or he was still sleeping.
Beck and her fellow racers!! check out that shirt design
E. is wearing last year's design...Mel, this year's.

See the starting line...white banner?? we were far back!
Not too far into it, there was a Starbucks...bummer, and we couldn't stop!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Hope your day was spent eating good food and enjoying the blessings of being around those you love and enjoy! I know I was a fast-paced yet fun day!! I will have to do two posts to accomodate all of my Dash pix...

It was quite cold today...there were over 4,000 people at the race, which benefits a local homeless shelter...David, Will and Mel ran ahead of us. Beck, E. and I went with the walkers, though we did try our hands at "jogging" and found that it would be nearly impossible, since Beck had to use the bathroom on the entire jaunt and we are both nursing mothers. Makes for some painful running. (Aren't you glad to know THAT???) I think the 3 of us made the 4.5 walk in less than an hour and 20 minutes...we had a few setbacks, we had to wait also while the cops let some traffic go...soooooooooo, I wasn't going for any awards...I went for the shirt. I will have to take a pic of the kids in theirs! They are pretty nifty and you might be able to see them in the above pix.

All in all, it was a blast, glad to be able to be with my sissy and my son (and the rest of those crazy "runners" in my family) was incredible!! I am not sure how much of our entry fee actually goes to the Wheeler Mission but it has to be pretty amazing! When we got done (finally) we devoured what was left of the offered snacks...bagels, Starbucks hot choco and coffee, bananas, energy bars...and I'm sure there was other stuff but when you get there after the runners, you take what you can get and boy were those bagels good. gimmmmmeee the carbs.

I will post some more of the pix...This blogger will only let me post 5 @ a time. be back....then after that, I hope to post a few of the rather odd pics we took of our Family was a nice, relaxing day, and I didn't even get to take a nap. das ok.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I had a GREAT time yesterday! I'm definitely planning on doing it again next year. Maybe i'll actually start some sort of exercise regime and we can finish in an hour. THat would be swell...Anyway, i'm not feeling too bad today. My achilles still hurt, which is odd to me. Hey, at least i'm still alive, right? Thanks so much for including me!

Anonymous said...

Also, last night was a great night, just eating and chilling out! Thanks for all of your hard work! It was DEEEE-licious! I went to bed about 10 minutes after we got home! Have a great day! Love you! XOXO~!

Heather said...

YEAH!!! You made it!! (I knew you would) You were WAY ahead of the rest of us on T'giving - having walked 4 miles while we were all stuffing our faces! Way to go and you did it for a good cause, too!