Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas thru the years album

we weren't even engaged yet...but he still had his arm around me!! (heathen)
Remember the "crochet" vests?? I loved mine. This is our first married Christmas. Bottom pic is me with my Gma. Taylor and two of my BFF's, my sis and my cousin, Dawn. We have really changed so much...
Will's first Christmas...I turned 22 young!
Love Will's hanging bottle..a sign that his mother really was too young...check out my burgeoning E. belly(black arrow)...he was born less than two months later!!

here is the first attempt at taking our family pic to send out to all of our friends and loved ones...even if they didn't want it! What I'm loving is all the big plaid collar on my lovely corduroy dress, Will's plaid vest...yikes.
I have some pix from our day out today that I wanted to post but my Kodak software is acting up, as usual. So here are a few blasts from the past, because I know how much you love it when I drag you down "memory lane"...I put together a small scrapbook this year, that chronicles all of our family Christmas pix...but we didn't officially start with the card pix till 1996. Now it is such a tradition...and I'm late this I think I may just take the 5 kids pix for our card this year.
Ummm, well, I could post again but I am so tired from raking, mowing and being out of the house all day so I will post tomorrow sometime, after David leaves for work! Let me know if you think I should just do my kids pix for our card this year, since there are so many of all of us...etc.


Anonymous said...

man, jumpers, crochet vests and cut off sweats, oh my! Can you believe some of the stuff we used to wear? Hey, it was "in" then, right? It's so cool to see how things have changed over the years! I can't wait to see this year's pic. When do you want to do that? Thanks for your entry so late at night!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, i think you should do a pic of all of you since this is Chubby Dolly's first Christmas!

Heather said...

LOVE your "thissy's" glasses! Hey, they were "radical" then (or was that before Becky's time?).
I think you should do a pic w/ all of you - I want to see your lovely mug, too!

Smooches, Kara said...

I have to agree with Anonymous!! Molly the Dolly's 1st Christmas you need a family pic. Do it in your PJ's for all we care!! ;) I am grateful for whatever you give me!

*psst* but I really want a family picture ;)