Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sweet dreams, new chairs, new kicks and past Thanksgiving memories from 2004!

sweet little angel!
our new chair...
My new kix
Piper's First Thanksgiving
2004 - o how times have changed...
Hello there...sorry about the day off (Beck)! Computer went all fritzy last night so I didn't get to blog.
I will keep this short. Don't ya just love sleeping babies? Molly is an especially sweet one...she'll get that head rubbing back and forth and so you can see why she would have such a nice little bald spot on the back of her skull...all of my kids have had one...no, I don't leave them lying around on their backs all day. We got a new chair for our living room today. I think I'm on the up and up of changing my tastes...this chair matches really nothing at our place but I will change my stuff piece by piece. It has an ottoman that goes with it but we will get it later...
Do you like my new running/walking shoes? got 'em at DSW today and had to have 'em. They are so unique...coral and brownish...with this neat material. can't quite describe it. so I won't.
last two pix are obviously old. i put 'em on here for you B, well the Pipes one anyway. She was so tiny and innocent at one point!! now she's a little tow-headed priss! Our family pic is mainly to remind me of the upcoming joy...taking the annual fam card pic. can't wait! just can't wait. we will have a new little person to keep entertained in it this year. get your clicking finger ready, Beck!
Ok, well hope this finds you all well, healthy and preparing for a joyous and grateful Thanksgiving! I will be back that day or so...gotta post Drumstick Dash pix...chow folks.


Anonymous said...

YEA! Thank you! It's so sweet to see Molly so peaceful. It's such a difference from the movin' and shakin' she does when she's awake! I love your new chair! I need something zippy like that in my dull dull living room! I can't believe how much P and N look alike and you know i love pics of your fam, too You rock!!!!

Smooches, Kara said...

See I try and snooze like that and Jason says I take up to much room ;) Enjoy it while you can Miss Molly!! :)

nice chair nice kicks and of course nice pics!

I am so amazing I rhymed!

Heather said...

LOVE those shoes and LOVE that chair! Muy great taste, chica!