Sunday, November 25, 2007

Uncle Matt pays a visit

Molly with Uncle Matt
see explanation below
Levi's rescuers
Enjoying some Wendy's lunch...
There are more of these pix and I will post them later... I never realized how much E. resembled Matt...interesting!
Good Monday Morning, Folks! Hope you all had a lovely four day weekend and that you were able to be most thankful. Now on to Christmas...
Today's post includes pix from a weekend visitor that came to us. David has a twin brother (they are fraternal folks, just in case you are wondering), Matt. He spent the night with us Sat night. It was a nice visit....thank you, Matt, for making the effort to see David and the rest of us! It was great to visit with you and we are glad you are back in this area of the country.
The pic of Levi sleeping so uncomfortably under my dressing table is priceless...Sat. night, when all the revelers were out playing games and watching movies, I laid down to feed Molly. I could hear Levi crawling around on my floor by my bed but I fell asleep with M. and got up a bit later to put her in her crib. I could hear this loud breathing, almost snoring and just thought she was extra tired that night. I checked around because it was getting louder and more snore-y. and low and behold, Little Levi had been in the room with me all along and fell asleep under the table while I was sleeping. He is such a funny, sneaky little guy. I didn't rescue him until everyone out in the living room had a chance to see the little sneak.
Ok, well, speaking of that funny little guy...he is asleep on our futon right now and he woke up scared, so I came out here to sit with him and remembered that I needed to post for Mon.'s now 4:05 a.m. and I'm going back to la-la land. It makes sense now as to why this post would be so choppy (not that all of my "awake" posts are any better...) Hope you have a wonderful week and let me encourage you to be productive, efficient and alert. You can do it! Check back later for more from the Matt visit. got some funny shots. chow


Anonymous said...

Hey! Matt looks like Ewan McGregor! Thanks for giving me something to look at yet again! I love love love the pic of Levi sleeping under the dressing table! What i love most about it is that he's by an outlet! Just looks like a "why we childproof" ad. Hope you have a great Monday!!!

Heather said... the little Levi under the table pic! You're such a good momma w/ the pictures! They say you stop taking so many after the 2nd child...3rd...4th...NOT YOU!!
(Matt DOES look like Ewan McGregor! - good call, "anonymous").