Monday, November 26, 2007

Just a few more "us" shots and then I'm done

still wet behind the ears engagement pic...we had noooooo idea what to expect (I didn't anyway...this is where gushy, movie-lie feelings of "first love" wear off)
Cake shoving!! I love my hair. not so much.
While I love this pic of us getting pegged with birdseed, I love Natalie's expression (in lower right corner) even more
Married for one week...downtown Indpls!
At my sissy's wedding, 2003...10 years and 2 days after ours...
O to be young again ! Not really. I really just want my 20-year old waist back. I have enjoyed our journey. It's been mostly fun...definitely a learning experience!
I will not bore you with anymore thru the years pix of us...I have definitely left the more frumpalicious ones out...and there gobs of those! :)
Up next, pix of Molly with her first Christmas tree! She sat in her Bumbo seat so well tonight...watched some Blue's Clues with fussy so I took her out to prep her for bed and she had poo smeared right up her back. Needless to say, she got a nice warm bath before she hit the hay. It was so cute though because when I pulled her poop-encrusted shirt off, I had to do it in such a way that it was kinda rough and she giggled like I've never heard her giggle..she thought we were playing. She's my chubby dolly (thanks for the cute nickname, Brittany). She is so darn sweet and good natured, like her big sis Mel was, and still is! I am so blessed with nice, cool, caring, cute, fun kids. I want to bottle up these stages of each of their lives! awww, man. I'm getting all choked up.
Ok, well, I will post the pix of her and the tree Tuesday daytime...I've gotta either hit the hay or watch a movie with my studmuffin, who just got home from work at 12:15 a.m. Happy Anniversary, Schweetheart! You're a Gift from God!


Heather said...

Awww...Happy Anniversary, guys! I love the "thru the years" guys were SO young - ya, you still are "Young" (get it?) Have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

Good morning! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I love all of these pics of the two of you! I can't believe how you both have changed over the years. You seriosly had more hairstyles than Dolly Parton, and she wears wigs! MAN! You've always been my wonder woman and you still are. You're such an awesome wife and mother! Congrats on 14 years with David! Love you guys, B

Smooches, Kara said...

look at the coiffure in that first picture!! Where in the world did that go? :) Mine is strutting around with a shaved head so we can't say much :)