Thursday, November 8, 2007

O my gosh! Dork Alert!


Ok, yes, I was a total dork as a kid. My sister found these pix that I had taken nearly 21 years ago...(can you believe that I can say 21 years about something??? I'm so dang old)...These pix were taken at precisely 4:40 pm, 4:41 pm, and 5:56 pm on January 1, 1987. You know how I know this? because I'm an organized, pay attention to details kinda gal. I wrote it on the back of each of these Polaroid pix. What I am wondering is why on earth did I, as a 14-year old young lady, get these stuffed animals for Christmas? My Gma. Taylor made the little kitty, appropriately named "Kittyskins", for me (I know B. got one but I failed to photograph it, awww shucks). and this Teddy, aptly named "Teddy B"??? (I also wrote their names on the backs of these pix, and I even wrote Best Friends) wow...I must've been totally bored on this holiday to be taking pictures of my STUFFED ANIMALS. O BOY!! and now you are wondering why I'm posting these? my lovely sister asked me to. Hi Becky...did Teddy B and Kittyskins (whatta horrible name) make your FRIDAY?? I surely hope so. I am now going to post the new pix of Pipes and Nora. allrighty then. see ya.

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