Thursday, November 1, 2007

More to commemorate Levi's Birthday!!

Here we are right after little Levi was's so cool with a homebirth and good midwives because you can involve your kids and family as much as you want to. There you can see my arm...He came pretty fast so I was zapped! Levi weighed 7 lbs and 3 oz.
Not such a great picture in quality. Beck, you are so skinny in this pic. I just gave birth a few hours before so I was not so slim...but feelin' groovy!!
Levi, you were such a cute little peanut. You are my smallest baby!! What an honor!! Mr. Tiny still makes these same expressions. He has been aloof from the get-go! The midwife asked if he was "talked to"....well, duh. He was our fourth kid and yup, he has blown us off from the very beginning. Personalities don't change that much!!
One of the joys of having older brothers...if you sit still long enough, they will put a sword in your hand...he was a good sport back in these days.

Levi's birthday party is going to be this Saturday night, along with a party for my dad...they are good buddies so it's only fitting. He wants "trains" for his birthday. I still just can't believe that this kid is FIVE!!
Ok, well, I'm off to cut up som tomato for our dinner...hope this finds you all well and healthy. I will try to post some pix of the kids with their Aunt Emilie (Auntie Em)...she just left here yesterday after a four day visit. Thanks for your help with the little ones, are a good auntie! Keep the good attitude, sister. (Isn't it funny that I have a 13-year old sister in law and son at the same time? they are seven months apart...I found out I was prego the same day D's mom gave birth...)


Heather said...

Aw, happy belated birthday, Levi! He was such a beautiful baby! All of your children are gorgeous. You guys are raising some really good children - hope for our future!

Smooches, Kara said...

Aloof- that is my Miss Josie B too!!! It's Josie's world we just take up room in it :)

Happy Birthday Levi!!! Saturday night I will have Cameron sing loud and proud for you!! So much love coming your way from S.Carolina!!