Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Yet another Levi party...& a book burning!

We are so caked out....the group of friends we get together with weekly wanted to (and was so nice to do so) celebrate Levi's 5th birthday together. They got him the movie "Meet the Robinson's" (thanks BFF's and families)...We love our group of homeschool pals...Well, this pic is obviously Levi surrounded by a few of the kids while he blows out his candle... Here he is showing you his birthday movie...He also got Ratatouille from his Uncle Tom today...thanks, Tom!! We've already watched it and even destroyed the case (but I fixed it...ugh)
Then after the lunch, party and cake, we insisted that all of our kids do some Math and English...and it was so cool to see them all working on the school work together. They were all chattering and just having a good time with each other. This is Mel with Holly and Sophia. Good work, girls!
Another shot of the gang doing their work with Mrs. W. helping (she will be mad that I've posted this picture...and that's ok...)
This was one of our favorite memories from today. We burned the book "The Golden Compass". And I will tell you why. the author is atheist (Phillip Pullman) and in his series of books (reminiscent of the C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia books, though he has said in interviews that he does not like Lewis etc) the main characters "kill God" and can then do as they please. In this pic, inside the black burner thingy, you can see the book just a-burning.

It's very sad to me that this movie is going to be out this holiday season and millions of folks will go to see it with their kids. And while it will be watered down for kids of course, the message will still get out there. If you are an atheist and you are reading this, and I'm making you mad, sorry. I serve the Creator of the Universe JESUS CHRIST, in whose name is power and strength and it's more important to me what He thinks than what you think. I know we live in a country where we are allowed our religious freedoms. But don't forget what our forefathers endured to get us the freedoms we enjoy and to deny the existence of God is just sad. He is in everything...look at the beautiful blue skies as the back drop to all of the awesome fall colors? tell me that just "exploded" into existence!! bang.
Ok, man, I'm the soap box queen this week. I'm not sorry though. This is my blog. My little piece of "freedom of speech"...don't deny God, because eternity is a long time. But here's my last blip, boycott the Golden Compass...and Thanks, crew, for such a nice party/hang out session today! We love you families! (don't tell the kids that we were arranging their marriages today...hee hee)
Nuff of that...I ordered a Bumbo seat for Molly and Nora (check them out at those should be here on Monday. I can't wait to blog those pix! that's our big fun! In the meantime, hope you all are well...but I'm outta here. no more sap. no more soap. for tonight. love and peace to you all.

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