Monday, December 8, 2008

Toots and Tunky, my girly girls.

Mel would die if she knew I posted one of her nicknames. Toots. We used to call her Melboots and then tooter scoots, which evolved into Toots. not as much now but as a youngster, yah. lots.
Y'all know why Molly inherited the nickname she did...Tunky. Chunky trunk...she looks like a little tree stump with short legs....she'll love that when she gets older. Just like I always did..."wow, you're built like a linebacker"....stocky = good. remember that kid. we're sturdy. they're just jealous.
What an extremely uneventful weekend. David and I didn't end up going to Cheesecake Factory last night...he ended up working. So we are going tonight! We did have Miss P over on Saturday night, took her with us to Patria, where we enjoyed some praise time and a good lesson by Mr. Bandy, fellowship afterwards. We made it to church yesterday but weren't even planning to go. It was so cold outside and getting 6 kids ready just didn't sound all that magnificent to we decided to just go for the second half, since we had gone to Patria the night before and had some wonderful worship time there.
David worked and the kids and I got to clean up all the totes, get them back into their places, get the upstairs organized a bit, exercise my guts out, cuddle on the couch with some books and Levi...where we both quickly fell asleep! we were plum-tuckered!
so that's that...for anyone who may or may not be interested. A low key weekend, which we needed for sure! On tap for this week? o man, I've got to get our Christmas pics taken for our cards....ahhh. the pressure....Hope the start to your week is joyful and bright!


Tory said...

When I saw the pictures of your beautiful girls, I thought for sure that you had taken the Christmas pictures. That first picture of Molly is one of my new favorites; she looks like she is so happy to have her picture taken. And, the other one of her pointing, I can just hear her saying she wants the camera. I'm probably off...but, she definitely wanted something. ;) And, Melanie just looks like a little princess...such a little lady.

Hopefully, you will get to Cheesecake know, it should be a little less busy tonight...that's a plus!

Well, I hope you have a great day. Love ya', t

Charmaine said...

I am so glad you are going to get to use the coupon! Have fun tonight!

I am still waiting for this stubborn little girl to arrive -- maybe I need some cheesecake too... Hmmm...

Laurie and company said...

that is exactly what Molly is saying while pointing...she was so cute though in these moments because I would say "Lemme take your pic" and she'd cock her head to the side and cheese for me..I couldn't quite catch that expression but they came close.
I know......I so want to get our pic taken...maybe I will have mom do it tonight when D. and I are dressed up...make the kids spiff up a bit for us! that's an idea...I've got to get these going!!

thanks for your comments, as always. you know I love 'em! happy Monday! love ya!

Laurie and company said...

ohhh, Charmaine, I just saw your comment...can't believe you are still waiting! I will send overly rich, labor causing vibes your way while we chow tonight...
big hugs (maybe if I hug ya hard enough, you'll pop! >>pop<<)

Tory said...

Okay, so I am letting you know that I MISS you. Realize that you are really busy, but I thought it would be nice for someonebto admit that they were secretly sneaking over to your sight and waiting for the next installment. Sure hope that you are having fun. Also, I figure that you aren't posting because you like the rest of us LOVE the pictures of Toots and Tunkaliciousness! Hugs, t