Monday, December 15, 2008

You talkin' to me?

I can see it now...
Molly sitting at the island, scrappin' with the not too far off future.
This tiny girl loves scrapping paper...she always finds my scraps box and must take every little piece out.
I will say this though, she's very good about helping me clean it up.
You are so cute, tiny girl.
How's your Monday?
Could this day be anymore blaaah? Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day and for that, I praise the Lord. so much we get to do...and we should look at our tasks and chores as gifts...not "have to's".
(I'm saying this stuff to myself)
Outta here...hope you are getting all your stuff accomplished and with true joy!


Tory said...

Oh my goodness! That just makes me break out in hives...I mean, I may have clutter in my house, but nothing like that kid can string around. No wonder you are about frazzled. Well, at least, she's cute when she's doing it, and she makes a good photo op. ;) Hugs, t

Heather said...

OH.MY.GAWRSH! THAT is one to keep and post on her graduation poster board or wedding slide show!
Jack will start making messes sometimes and I stop myself from letting my head pop off and just let him make them, if it means I get some peace and he's content and safe. Pick yer battles.
Hugs to ya!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Dogs are much,much easier than babies! Who got to clean up the mess?