Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's me...the old gal.

these pix are from Wed...Beck, Mel and I went shopping...and in the midst of that, picked up Miss P from school and took her to her Nana's...she would NOT let me take her pic but she didn't think I actually was taking pix here! ha ya, P.

My birthday card from dear cousins Tory, Linda and David...that had a Starbucky's card in it. Thanks so much, family! Love you! I have had a lot of fun with it!

David got me a dozen roses and this is a handmade card from all of the kids! Will drew some neat-o pix. Thanks guys! I love you...

How fun to have my blog hijacked by my awesome sis! Thanks B...I KNEW you'd be an awesome blogger. let's get started! and while we're at it, we'll get ya a Facebook account too! yah!!

I ran some errands today with Lev-me-alone. Beck called me to tell me to check out Heather's blog...I thought maybe she had her baby boy a bit early...but in actuality, she blogged ME. Gee, Heather, that was awfully nice of you! Thank you for thinking of me on my made turning 36 seem a little less painful! Love ya girl! Same to you are my Steel Magnolias. Tambo, you too! Just got back from coffee with her...just worked out to do this tonight...and always glad to share a cup o' joe with one of my girls. I am so blessed!

I won't say much more here...because I'm, well, I'm old, and this frenzied Christmas pace is catching up with me.

I just feel so thankful tonight and thanks to you, you know who you all are, for dropping me a birthday or on Facebook. I'm wowed! (yes, I know FB reminds you when one of your friends is celebrating a b-day but!)...I'll say more tomorrow.

I know you can't wait.

G'night. shucks.

O yeah, I took this pic for posterity (alllll in the name of posterity, folks) I'd remember my face at THIRTY-SIX (am I reallly that old?)...and this is what it looks like on me. at the exact time of my birth, 36 years to the day...8:40 pm. ugh. definitely a mixture of my parents...doesn't my eye (the hidden one) look creepy? ok, well nuff...night.


Tory said...

3 posts in one day...especially, one that I thought would be potentially silent with all of the partying. How fun! As usual, the pix are so great, as they really make one feel like they have been with you in some way. I really love the card that the kids made. How clever are they?! Do you get them to help you make cards? If not, you might want to think about it. Put them to work. Sounds like this birthday was glad. Your self portrait was good, just unusual not scary...Arrghhh! I can imagine a patch on the other side. Hahaha...crack myself up.

Hope you have a good day "after" and maybe, just maybe, are getting into the Christmas spirit.

As for Gma B, I thought she spelled your name Lori...and, I cannot recall (that's what old age will do to you), but I think she spelled mine Tory...but, I knew that she spelled ours alike. So, it could have been the i since most of the people over the years spell it with an i. Go figure.

Hugs, t

Anonymous said...

I love the card that the kids made. Will is a great little artist. He needs to get into some classes to hone that skill a little bit. Pretty flowers, too. That was nice of D-vid. I would've loved to see the work induced tears...(on someone other than myself). That's a great pic that you took of yourself. Lookin' very sassafrass. Glad you got to go out for coffee with Tammy, but do i need to tell her to step off? ;) (If she reads this, let her know that i'm kidding, if she hasn't figured out that i'm NOT a serious person.) I think we need to get together for our monthly coffee tonight or this weekend, since we'll be busy next weekend. What do you think???? xoxo

Anonymous said...

Also, piper's hat looks like a sp*rm. I'm sure this is "inappropriate" for the comments, so you can delete it, but i just wanted to point that out in case anyone was saying "what's with that hat?" used to have a pom pom on the top, but it fell off.


Smooches, Kara said...

OH no I was so patiently awaiting the candle in you Starbucks picture!! Maybe next year ;) Happy Birthday you wear 36 very very well :D