Thursday, December 11, 2008

Don't try this at your home...

This is what ya get when you have 4 big siblings..and they get tired of ya getting into their Legos, Littlest Pet Shop, books, everything else...

Rest in peace, folks, Will did this to Molly, but only for a moment! We do not advocate chaining up, caging up, or any other form of real cruelty...Molly was and is fine...and still rather pesky.

whirling dervish. that's for you, Beck.

Otherwise, a busy day ahead...but I hope this finds you and yours doing quite well 14 days before Christmas! 7 days before my 30 flippin' 6th birthday. ugh. I feel older already.

A Joyful Thursday to you..find it, somewhere!! LY


Tory said...

ROFL! Oh my, I am so thankful that you got a picture of that. And, my big question is why is the whirling dervish not crying? She hates being cooped up; so, you would think she would be screaming her little head off. But, there she is like "I just know that they won't leave me like this." Maybe, she's trying to be on her best behavior for Santa. ;)

Have a great day, t

Anonymous said...

That is HIL.ARI.OUS!!!! I might need to borrow those! :) Thanks for the WD shout out. Now that will be in my mind for the rest of the day. Has been since i first read it earlier today. Sorry i haven't been commenting lately, but i've actually been WORKING...blech...Thanks again SO MUCH for putting the (horrible colored) lights on the tree last night. I truly do not deserve you. xoxo b

Laurie and company said...

Tory, I think she was crying actually...I do think she is scheming here..."I'd better show strength and resolve or Santa will ditch me"...

Beck...I'm glad you've beenworking lately...that's very important. I'm sure Clarian thanks you!
I was glad (after I finished) to have been of assistance to you in time of Christmas spirit need and decoration. whirling dervish.

love ya gals.

Simplicity said...

Just wait till you hit the big FOUR ZERO. Ugh! Double Ugh.

I cannot let William see this picture of Molly--or else Joshua will look just like this. Joshua getting into his Legos has been a little too much for him to handle lately.

Also a little too much for Old Mom to hear about lately too.

Choose Joy...Choose Joy.
I'm trying to learn.

Love you,

Tory said...

Was just relooking at this, and I didn't even realize the child has stripes on. How perfect is that? You need to have Jailhouse rock on behind it. Oh, how much funnier this all is. ;) You must post this picture once a month's a classic.


Laurie and company said...

Jodi ~ I am so encouraged to hear that you are "tired" of hearing "it" too...these kids are wearing me down with all the bickering of late. it's funny how they look for ways to torture the littler ones...such bloggable moments! I'm right there with ya, chanting "choose joy" choooooooose joy...meant to tell you too, that I'm so glad to see you on Facebook and also what a pretty picture! You are a pretty girl!!
Tory ~ that is a funny observation on the stripes...should I be worried about this girl? A Bonnie and Clyde future? Maybe we will find different places to "lock" her up. hmm. you may be onto something! clever...very clever.

love ya gals!

Brittany said...

Ok. That's seriously funny! My girls haven't thought of this one yet either. I'm surprised. Nathan LOVES to torture them and get into their stuff.