Friday, December 26, 2008

Melanie's piano recital and other 12/23 events

Mel, waiting her turn...looking nervous and white

doing a piano duet with her lovely teacher, Mrs. S.

this punk, er I mean, adorably cute, innocent and sweet girl o' mine...fell asleep whilst eating her health food. I though french fries would shut her er, I mean, calm her irate spirit..instead, they put her to sleep. which was good. take a good look though, this was her ONLY nap on this day..and it lasted for 20 minutes. she's non-stop anyways but her naps are my reset button. oh, she's a tough cookie. (the boys did stage this picture a little bit)
~Tuesday was Melanie's piano recital at a local retirement home...It was a very nice event and the only reason I got the few pix I did was because of the sleeping troll above. Annie was there, fellow blogger Charmaine's daughters were there playing also (hope you are feeling better, Charmaine) but Molly had other plans and I ended up in the other room with Dervish.
That day we got some freezing rain, which really put a damper on my last minute scurrying. Then, later that evening, my entire immediate family, minus my two sweet nephews and one sweet niece, descended on The Cheesecake Factory. Noisy restaurant, delish food, awesome service, 15 of the people I hold most dear in my life, one of which includes Molly, my napless, testy anyways daughter. And her newfound ability to scream and break glass. ugh. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the delicious dinner...I know I didn't get a chance to appropriately thank you that night because I was ready to put a chokehold on someone. well not really but kinda. (you know who you are MCY)
Gotta get this all documented before I put it out of my mind forever! it's on it's way out...I will say this, I am most relieved to get back to some normalcy. whatever that is.
On to Wednesday...and o what fun it is to blog!


Shellee said...

Hey Laurie! I LOVE reading your blogs, they are SOOO fun! I just came across your blog again, and I'm glad, so this time around I marked it as a favorite. Thanks for always making me laugh! Take care and Merry Christmas from Japan! I love seeing all the pics!

Hannah-Indiana said...

Oh, Molly is SOOOO cute! I miss her so much along with the rest of the Y family. I hope Melanie enjoyed her recital. I miss hearing her play the piano.


Tory said...

Love the picture...staging and all! That really sums everything up quite nicely, doesn't it? I can just hear sweet Melanie playing the piano...BRILLIANT! And, such a treat to play at the rest home.

All the best for continued holiday fun, t