Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've got nothin'...

like that ice cream scoop by your mouth, Mel.

you're so weird, Will.

E, you look like you have gray hair here...

ya got killer peeps kid!

awww, I forgot how chubbalicious you were, Molly...and how dark your hair was...oh, and this picture was exactly 8 months ago today.

I'm in a bloggin' funk.

But for my loyal followers (Dad, Tory, Becky) are a few funny pix from this past spring...

I'm not sure what has brought this on...maybe all of my energy is being put into embracing the Christmas season....or trying to keep it together with all these kids that seem to want to keep fighting, bickering, disobeying. I dunno...I feel zapped. I'm always quite thankful for January.
I sound like a Wendy Whiner, so forgive me. Today is a busy day but I am really going to try to take a pic of the five kids for our Christmas card. I am doing a collage card, where you have more than one photo...just going to use the pic of David and I from T-Day and the new pic of the kids...Just can't seem to get us all together for a pic where we all look half way decent-ish.
Date night Monday was nice...although David wasn't feeling well, we did have a good time away from the crib. We walked around Sam's Club (woooo), ate at Cheesecake Factory, though we could barely touch our meals...our salads filled us up. We each got some cheesecake but wanted to bring some home so the kids could treat too...have you ever had their Lemon Raspberry whatever it's called? tasty! Anyways, we then went to Barnes and Noble but I started to fall asleep in this overly comfy off we went...I felt so old that night.
Thanks Mom and Dad for the gift of not only Cheesecake Factory, but childcare and feeding the charges. David and I are very thankful for you two. Gracias Madre and Padre.
Ok, I must get the day rolling. I think if the sun decided to shine just a bit, that would help. Happy Wednesday to you! (only 15 days till Christmas, and 8 days till my birthday)


Tory said...

Hey there, my most favorite bloggin' buddy! So glad to see you around even if you don't feel like being here. ;) You know, I have always kept some form of journal, but I would always get disenchanted, and I would not finish. But, with this blogging thing, I find that the peer pressure helps a bit.

The pictures are fun, and I love them! You're little monkeys are so cute and fun.

Hope you have a wonderfully, magical day; and may the wonder of Christmas find you...the baby Jesus in the manger, the angels singing praises, the shepherds coming to worship, and the promises of things to come.

Hugs, Tory

Laurie and company said...

thanks for your encouraging are so right..the peer pressure is what keeps me coming back. that, and my dad, he'll call me up and ask "been bloggin' this morning? need some new pix" that spurs me on...
I will stop and reflect on the awesomeness that we celebrate this time of year...our Savior, Emmanuel, God With Us...thank you for your friendship, T. you da bomb...that in the midst of your own craziness, you drop me a note to say hey, lift me up in Christ. i am most appreciative.

big hugs and lots of love,


I sent you a card today!

Tory said...

Cool, a card from a cool cat like you?! I am working on one for you, but I don't want it to be too early. ;) Glad that you're dad, Beck, and I can keep you postin' those cute pics.

Gotta include the WV: that some mix of dork and whatever? Interesting...makes me think of Porky Pig!