Friday, December 26, 2008

Onto a visit with my family including Andy & Christy

handsome dudes...wrapped up in some Nickolodeon show...

Andrew and Christy

Nora Bean, gnawing on crust

let's all congregate at the front door...

Andy and a couple of his nieces.

The crew, hanging with the guy (my father of course) in the bright yella sweater...won't you guide my sleigh tonight?

Molly, with one of her more intelligent expressions...uh duh, who is this guy?

After our dear friends, Twila and Gonzo, left...our next stop in the busy week of Christmas celebrating was up to my lovely sister's home to eat and visit with my brother and his gal. They flew in from California that very evening. again, warm weather folks making the trek to the frozen tundra...kinda makes me laugh to see them all chilled and stuff...
Christy is Chinese, the Malaysian part...she has been teaching us some fun Chinese/Mandarin words...but my fave, by far is Ma-ma foo-foo...which means so so. She has really long, extremely thick black's amazing. She's pretty tall too...I was expecting her to be a shorty, like myself. She's very good with all of our kids and she can squat down (like Molly in those drive way pix, remember??) like it's nothing and get up and walk again, with out seeing white spots in front of her eyes or feeling like she was going to pass out.
So these pix are only from Monday...I have the rest of the week to get caught up on so I'd better run. Hope this finds you recuperating from a whirlwind week of joyous Christmas celebrations!

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Tory said...

Aren't holidays the most fun ever? You know, I took my camera to visit relatives, but I never took a picture. Will have to snatch dad's pix. That was my gift to him...visiting with his siblings. ;)

Sounds like you have had a whirlwind of fun, and it's continuing. Thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to share.

Hugs, t