Friday, December 26, 2008

A visit with Twila and Gonzo...

You guys rock...all of ya.

playing peek-a-boo, climb thru the stool edition, with Twila. that sounds kinda weird, doesn't it?

Sniff sniff...I miss these kids.

They moved to Florida back in 2005...They knew how to party with us...I know I've showcased them on here from New Year's past...dancing, making great faces, going to late night movie openings with us, building gingerbread houses, and the list goes on.

They live down where it's warm ALL THE TIME. You should have seen them shivering and shaking while they were here! :) I thought Gonzo might implode he was so not used to our midwestern chill. :)

They both met Molly for the first time (in the flesh anyways...they do read the blog now and then so HI GUYS)

They stopped in on their way to visit southern Indiana THANKS GUYS, for taking the time out of your already crazy busy day, to come by for a visit.

My favorite part was watching Molly check them out, and you could tell she was like "Um, should I know these folks?"...she didn't take long to warm up to Twila. And who wouldn't...especially when she so bravely trucked Molly's shopping cart across the upstairs floor, back and forth in some high-heeled kicks. talent. sheer talent. she could be a Rockette!

Wish we could've given you more time, kids...when it rains cool people, it seems to pour cool people! Hope you had a Merry Christmas with your Aunt, uncle, cousins, mom, sister, nieces...etc. We'll visit you next...down there in Miami....sounds good right about now.

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Tory said...

Hey there! Got my Christmas wish. You're no longer MIA! ;) Seriously, it's so glad to share in some of your festivities. Thanks for updating. Your friends seem really nice, and what a cute picture of Molly. Hope your holidays continue to be festive. When do the kids start back to school? I don't go back until the 7th, but I know kids usually go back sooner. Oh well, not to rush it, just a thought.

Hugs, t