Monday, December 22, 2008

We'll start at the back of the bus...


Mom and Pops came down for a little hang out time last night. we drank some coffee, mom knitted my scarf, we all watched "Christmas at Yellowstone"...and I tried to grab the reins to the week that was knocking at my door...but isn't this a sweet scene? Will's all snuggled on the floor, E. has a scarf on with his bathrobe, Mel's all blanketed laying next to her Pa. Levi and Molly were out of the scene, but never fear, they were there, off destroying my room.

All of our lovely children sang "Do You Hear What I Hear?" for the finale of their production.

Ethan read John 19:28-30

Will read in John 19: 10 through ? I know he was right before E

The preschoolers sang "You are the Lamb of God" and it was quite cute...

Can you see Levi peeking up behind that child's shoulder? He wouldn't stay visible. Caroline, our friends' little girl in the red jumper, was quite fearless! You go, girl!

Ethan and Will's scene from the skit...this group was the "good kids" that realized what the true meaning of Christmas was and tried to find ways to put the focus back on why we really celebrate CHRISTmas.

Mel's scene...these kids were the ungrateful, selfish kids that hoped they didn't get the Barbie Make up game and fruitcake again this year. (I'm not implying in ANY way that any of these kids are this way....they were acting)


Do you like my haircut? I did it myself. O MY GOODNESS. David did clean it up a bit but it looks unusually short! plus he has his scar right there as it's extra goofy. nice job, Tiny.

who do these orphans belong to?


The lovely, glowy candles that soothed our battle weary souls at the K's house. yes, we did sing Kum-by-Yah together! (not really but we thought about it)

Mr. K took the whirling dervish off my hands for a few minutes and he even got her to sleep. (this was about midnight here)

I be lovin' your Elmo clips, Tambo.

After dinner, went back to the church to pick up our kiddies and visited with the churchfolk, who were having a white elephant exchange. We would've participated but we had already planned to grab a bite to eat...and after that crazy week, I wasn't giving that up too quickly.

craaaaazay girls. :)

preschoolers practice...and yes, Levi is crouching down behind Caroline (in red)...and yes, that little dude next to her is in his pj's. Whatta smart little dude...came prepared, in case he fell asleep in the car! comfort is KEY!

Well, good Monday morning to Ya and a cold one it is, huh? it's all of ONE degree here according to my bimputer. argh. too cold for even this girl. Hope you are finding ways to stay warm and toasty! That song, Baby, it's Cold Outside is very applicable right now. Can't believe Christmas is in THREE days. My little bro, Andy and his gal, Christy, will arrive here from Sunny California today...won't they be surprised at the temperature difference?
The weekend was a whirlwind, as can be expected this time of year....Friday was baking day...and play practice and Mom and Dad date time with the K's. a low key but much needed event, all while our kids were practicing a few doors down. We then hung out with the K's for a bit and stayed until David could barely hold his head up. Thanks, folks, for the fellowship and fun.
Saturday was cleaning day and I ended up shopping with Mom and Beck in Edinburgh that evening....David cut E and Levi's hair and Levi ended up finishing the job up a bit more. He used those little tiny manicure scissors...he's a patient dude, I'd say.
Sunday was the kids' Christmas program at church, always a good time and very cute! Good Job, Jill and You too! All of ya! Even you, Levi. Hiding child that you were. After church, we went to B's house for my 36th birthday party (o man, did that sound old or WHAT?)...Creamy crockpot chicken for me, sandwiches and chips for the rest. ha ha. I got a nifty green coat, leather gloves, a sterling silver initial necklace, Target $, $ from my bro, and a cool floor lamp...thanks EVERYBODY! o yah, that ring I got back in November? that was also for my birthday from D. and the kids...I think they contributed to that! My birthday parties are always kinda weird, being so close to Christmas and all...choose JOY. yup, that's what we need to do.
David and I went to meet Claire Noelle. He left for work shortly after arriving and I stayed for 2.5 hours! Nice visiting with ya, C. Your newest family member is a beauty and o so cuddly soft! I did feel the need to have another for a few minutes, but then I remembered Molly back home and that was it for me. Claire, stay sweet and squeaky. soak it up, soak it up. Thank you for letting me hold her and enjoy the silence at your home! ahh, heavenly peace at it's best!
Onward ho! Home I go..and boy, lemme tell you, it was freakily cold outside. Tory was down in North Carolina washing her car and I was up in Indiana feeling cold and scared by how strong and eery the wind was. It was 4 degrees on my way spooky to me. After a bit, mom and daddio came for some down time...and we enjoyed a quiet evening at home till David returned after 10 pm. Good Job, David!
Christmas week, here we come. ready or not! and I'm soo very not ready.
Sorry for the dreadfully drawn out post..I have to do this for recall's sake. I don't want to ever forget moments like's what keeps me from doing it again. ha ha. just kidding.
A good weekend all in all. Hope you have a blessed Christmas week and that you find a few moments in all the hectic stuff to reflect on all the blessings in your life and praise the One who gave them to you.
Luke 2:14: Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.
one of my favorite verses from the Christmas Scriptures is this: Luke 2:19 - But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart. It's amazing to imagine what that young girl must have been thinking....get your head around THAT.


Tory said...

Wow, that is cold...just be sure not to lick anything metal! ;) It has turned cold here as well, I think it was in the high 30s last night. How I miss the days in Florida, where it may have gotten to 32, but you could be sure to be laying on the beach on Christmas.

Sounds like you have had fun, and thanks for sharing. Got your card, and I love it...the pictures are so much better in person. Thanks again for sending.

Hugs, t

Simplicity said...

I love that picture of your dad and Mel all cuddled up on the couch. Precious!

I am very impressed that Will and Ethan were so color-coordinated! I was trying to get a peak at Levi to see if he, too, was matching. All I could see was the top of his head--too cute!

I love how much action goes on in your home! I'm sure it seems crazy and chaotic a lot of the time, but what great memories!

Do you print out your blog posts? I'm trying to decide how to keep them. They've become my scrapbooking.

Love you!
Have a wonderful Christmas with your sweeties!

Tory said...

Merry Christmas! Sure hope that you are having fun with family and friends. Sure do miss ya', but I know you are BUSY! Hugs, t

must share wv: partat (like, i wanna be part 'at party!)