Monday, December 29, 2008

I reckon my camera blowed up on this here blog...

Molly got the Fisher Price Little People Nativity very adorable.

she was so excited. or just weird. I dunno.

I like your Christmas sweater with your pj pants, Levi.

love that early morning expression, David...I think he was sniffing! nice.

Melanie is collecting elephants so her ornament this year was two little ellies.

Christy is an affectionate gal...a wonderful thing about the Chinese culture..we could learn a thing or two from them!

Mollycoddled by Pa, my new fave.

Another new fave, a great pic of my momma with my youngest...

yes, I think David is playing with Molly's little dolly. He was trying to figure out the crinkly noise!

Tom's sweet new Red Wings jacket.

As you can see, Christmas with my family was a crazy busy event as it was at David's family.

My pix seem rather one-sided but truly, when I get Tom's pix and Beck's pix, it will seem a bit more evened out. It was all I could do to get all much fun and activity!

It was a wonderful Christmas...thanks to everyone, Mom, Dad, Tom, Beck, Scott, Andy, Christy, for all the nice and thoughtful presents. We are very grateful to all of you!
Beck, I just noticed that you showed up a bit in your purple sweater but otherwise you and I appear to be MIA!


Tory said...

Oh, what fun it is, to see your wonderful pictures. Looks like everyone had fun. And, I love little Levi's excitement at getting the Leapster. Good one. Also, love Moll's little dress. Nice very nice.


Brittany said...

We got 3 leapsters at our house too! They're gonna be awesome companions on our 16+ hour drive to Disney next month! Woohoo!

Love seeing your pictures!