Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh What a Night, Late December back in '08...

What are YOU doing New Year's Eve?

I'm still amazed and awed by my man's agility and strength. All those years of work outs have definitely helped you to remain spry, David Franky.

It gets pretty willllllld at our partays...weird hats, Nerf fights, wrestle time...that was kinda new last year. This is David and Damiano...I think Damiano could take you this year, DFY...he's taller than all of you men!

Tim got to wear the weird hat for a bit and got sloshed on some sparkling cider!! yah Timmy!

Damiano and Will, threatening to shoot the photog.

Ok, so these pix may seem weird to the non-regular Livin' the Good Life visitor.
got any amazing plans for ringing in 2009? or are you just laying low?
We do a mid-way best for our bustling crew...we usually host a NYE event at our place but we were kinda busting at the seams last year...
We will be hosting same event, at a different locale this year! Come visit us at Horizon Christian Fellowship at Main and 135 in Greenwood...starts at 8 pm.
Hope to see you there!
and see ya next year!


Tory said...

Happy New Year to you, cuz! Sure hope that you have fun. Not too much excitement here, we're meeting a coworker of dad's and his girlfriend for dinner (Mexican...yummy!). Then, a "brief" church service. Should be home for the ball to drop. And then who knows...there just may be gunfire. ;) You never know around here. Anyway, will talk at you next year. Hugs, t

Heather said...

Happy New Year!
Sadly, we were all in bed. Couldn't hack it. Hope you had a happy one and safe trip back home!

Laurie and company said...

Happy 2009 to you! hope you get back in the swing of things soon, Heather! bed is a good place to be!!
Tory, here's to a new year in blogger's world! did you have a fun NYE? wish you could've beenwith us??