Monday, December 29, 2008

Origami, Jeeps, and sad good-byes...

this pic is funny. look closely. Pipe was laying on her toy box, preparing to "give birth". I snapped just in time to see my "great niece" come forth...and Ethan is her Ob/Gyn, apparently? (this was totally decent and we were all in the same room) he just happened to be walking by and she asked him to help her...she is so accurate in this crax us all up! Piper, you remind me so much of your mom and I. we did this crazy childbearing stuff ALL THE TIME! you'd think we'd have a few kids of our own by now.

oh, we do. never mind.

get back to your California Dreamin'. but Saturday, it was almost 70 degrees here in Indiana. go figure!

This is Christy, giving Levi a hug good-bye...he liked her but liked to play hard to get with her...she was mesmerizing to him!

this is Becky, getting sucked into the addictive world of Facebook.

Nora bean...this is her standard picture it, kid. you are a cutie bug!

Piper willingly let Levi drive because, of course he's her "husband"...

Origami'n it...she is amazing at it...we were all impressed! is that like a standard thing to know, being Chinese? are you born with it? Christy, are you going to get a Facebook page? that has nothing to do with origami but thougth I'd throw that in here, since it's my blog and all.

It's always hard to say good bye...hate 'em. hellos are grand...maybe kinda awkward at times but always good. Good byes always stink.

We had a really nice time hanging with my kid brother, Andy, and his gal pal (Andy, what are you calling her...girlfriend, sweetie, is there a Chinese phrase we should learn here?), Christy. She is a sweet soul...very tender and affectionate. She was so great with all of our kids and for that, we are quite grateful. Thanks, Christy...just in case you see this! She taught Mel how to do some origami, told us a bit about upcoming Chinese New Year, Jan. 26, 2009...(I love how she says Red Packet...), loved to snuggle up with the middle aged kids (Pipes and Levi)..since Molly and Nora couldn't be bothered to sit that long. We watched one of our fave movies with them... The Village...and she knew right when to scream and scare the poo out of us! Good job, girl! she got Beck, Mom and I Coach hand bags. and the guys got wallets from Coach...whoa...

And the fact that she puts up with my punk brother is, in my book, a pretty cool thing. (love you, Dukey)...she's a tell it like it is kinda girl...It is rather neat to have a different culture introduced into our rather Scottish/Swedish/English (me)/German/Irish/Heinz 57 (David) family...

Ok, I just read thru this and it's all ma-ma foo-foo...but Christy, You are not! You are an awesome girl and we thank the Lord for getting to meet you!

That's that...Andy, you can move back here now. yeah, that's a good idea.

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Tory said...

Some great action packed pictures. I feel like I was right there. Piper and Levi are just so cute together. And, Nora just looks like a little she has everything all figured out. Love that Will, E, and Mel are so helpful and kind to the little ones. Maybe one of these days we will get to see some of Tommy's pix. Until then, I guess I'll just keep having to look at your mug shots on the right to remember what you look like. BTW, now that you get Monk, did you know that the new season starts on the 9th? Just a random thought. Hugs to you, t