Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas pix and good friends

whatta gang...

the tree never looks as "good" in pix as it seems to in person, all glowy and such. :)

Yesterday, we had our cute little friend, Annie, over for a bit, while her mom and sisters went on an errand. I love the way Mel gets to be all girly girl around Annie and her sister, Sarah. It is sooo good for her to have this interaction and we are quite thankful for our friends! I am loving Levi's expression in this shot! dorkenheimer.

cutsie girls...
First of all, before I let too much more time pass...Congrats to our friends, The S Family, on the safe and relatively "quick" arrival of their 3rd daughter, 4th child, Claire Noelle, Wednesday, December 10, 1:54 pm...weighing in at a whopping EIGHT pounds, SEVEN go girl. We look forward to meeting you. Whatta lovely Christmas present you are to your family! Praise God for your safe delivery and for not being too rough on your lovely momma! We are so happy for you, Charmaine, Ryan, Audrey, Elise, and Brett! Click on the link to the right, Little Everyday Miracles to meet this new miracle! Thanks for blogging your gift, C.
There is not much more to tell...these pix explain themselves...I had a heck of a time trying to get all of these kids to pose for me today. I wasn't even screamy, well, not too much...but Molly refuses to look at the camera. and then her ear was sticking out...and then she got if you are a recipient of one of our annual cards? bear with us and remember what I've blogged about Molly. She IS a whirling dervish. that is def. the nickname bestowed on her!
I will blog more tomorrow...I will even blog the cards when I get them..give ya a little sneak peek...(Tory, that will be for YOU)...Mel is having Annie and Sarah over tomorrow evening and she is so excited. A busy weekend for sure...with D. working on Saturday, Patria, and reunion time in Illinois on Sunday. Until then, I pray you are having a lovely Christmas season...enjoying all the sights, sounds, smells...(you wouldn't want to smell what I just smelled..."Do you smell what I smell?"...said the night wind to the little girl...ok, nuff.)
G'night and peace on earth!


Heather said...

A Christmas card picture with someone's ear sticking out is just cuter!...more REAL! That's the stuff that you look back on in 10 years and laugh at...and probably long for a little bit...? (well, that would be me, anyhow, nostalgic sap that I am...) Can't wait to see it! We have yet to take ours...I'm just NOT moving very fast this ALL!

Laurie and company said...

yeah, we already do that with some year, think it was 99, David's pant legs were pulled up really super I had to trim all the cards...nice. Oh, I'm so with you, girl, I am so dang nostalgic..I almost live in the past in so many moments....and it's like, as if...times were hard back then too...just different hard. wow, that was deep.
I think we all understand why you aren't moving very fast this year. Save your energy for birth announcements! we love you no matter what you do!
I'm getting the cards to day so hopefully they will be mailed by early week! yah!!

Hugs!! love!!

Tory said...

Hey there! Love the pics of the kids. BTW, I got your card today...will blog all about it, but it was perfect timing in more ways that one. Love the pix, know me. ;) Hope you are doing well and having some holiday fun.

Hugs, t

wv: misted (like it misted yesterday but not today...thankfully!)

Hannah-Indiana said...

These pix are so cute and awesome! I like Molly's outfit by the way.