Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My name is on the Stressed List

here's a little blast from my past...

I'm the sweet little peanut, showing off my new legs in the church directory photo. I have an amazingly strange hair line here, do I not? Which parent do I most resemble nowadays? Mom, why didn't I get your nice, dark hair? no pressure...just curious.

My mom said right before this pic was taken, my big brother, Tom, messed his mom made mothering look so easy. (thanks a lot mom :) big smile)...she's a natural...maternal, patient, funny, calm, and stylish shortly after giving birth to boot!

It's funny to look at this picture and try to imagine what thoughts were going thru these young pups' heads...both 25 here, two kids, small town living...what were you thinking Mom, Dad? were you happy to have your perfect little pesky boy, one adorable girl...? (who turns thirty stinkin six tomorrow evening at 8:40 pm). I always enjoyed my little arm reaching out to Tom, and his body language is so like, "whoa, no way are not welcome here"..thankfully he somewhat likes me now...kinda. love ya Tommy

I am so thankful that you kept going on the childbearing front, parents...not that just having Tom would've been bad...but Andy and Beck are pretty cool and I'll tell ya straight up, if it wasn't for Beck, I would've lost "it" long ago...not that I'm holding "it" together so well...but you know what I mean. thanks guys. I love you! All FIVE of ya!

Ok, sorry for the memory post...I am stressed out....when I'm stressed out, I hurt my neck's my injury from the's funny though. every time I am stressed, whether I notice the stress or not, I have neck issues or lose my voice. weird. I think my family wishes I'd go ahead and lose my voice now too.

I have mounds of Christmas prep to do off I go to rally the troops...malling with Beck, mailing my cards FINALLY, slowly and steadily pounding my head against the wall of life...

Hope you are embracing the holiday, choosing JOY and loving every minute of your life. nice deep breaths. in thru your nose, out thru your mouth....there ya go. nice and easy does it.

I'm going to go throw up now. :)

David wanted me to post this pic for the family back in Illinois...this is the flat panel telly...pretty stinkin' amazing. I have yet to sit still long enough to watch anything on it...though it is wonderful while on the elliptical...


Tory said...

Nice family picture! Looking at that picture, I am surprised that you didn't get dark hair. Don't think that I have ever seen your hair quite that dark.

Nice TV...must come and watch some telly programs with you.

Sure hope that you had a nice time with Beck...I need to finish my cards, too! Don't be surprised if yours is late. ;)

Love ya', kiddo...breathe!


Anonymous said...


I had a nice big long thought out (and funny) comment, and then i lost it. So, you get this:

Love the TV. Can't stand wow wow wubzy. you're going to be 36 (Shhh, i won't tell), not six, even though you have soft, supple baby like skin, i still don't think you could pass for 6. Face it. :) I had a super duper time yesterday! Thanks for driving me around town. I hope we didn't freak Mel out too bad. Hopefully she was inspired to see what she and Moo have in store. I couldn't have wished for anything more for our girls than to have a sister to help keep them from going over the edge. xoxo

PS, my cards are in the mail, too!

Simplicity said...


What a great picture of your family! Don't you just love looking back at your parents when they were so young? I immediately thought that you look like your mom--through the eyes, I think.

Love that TV! We're fans of Wow Wow Wubzy too--well, Josh is anyway. :)

Have an awesome birthday! Enjoy, enjoy--and eat plenty of cake!

Love you!

Hannah-Indiana said...

Happy birthday, Mrs. Y, from our family! If you hadn't mentioned your birthday on this post, I would have emailed you instead of post this comment. Though I am a day late. It's a hobby of mine; being late on blogging.

Anyway, hope you had a good one!

--Hannah and the rest of the R family

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Wow! What a COOL TV! You've come a long way baby! High speed internet, now flat screen tv's. Before you know it, you'll be blackberrying-it!

Laurie and company said...

I really want to respond to everyone but tonight I'm just too dang tired. I will try to go to your respective blogs and drop you a note...but thanks, Jodi, Hannah, Tory, Beck, Sherry, for all the funny, nice things you said!

(shhh, I didn't eat ONE piece of cake today...but I did have TWO cups of Starbucks coffee)...maybe i will get some cake at my b-day party sunday??? dunno. I'm not in charge of that one.