Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December...

speaks for itself

we were blessed with a little flurry activity today...and though you can't really tell it here, it was quite obvious for Molly and Will.

Will enjoyed the snow much (yes, I meant to do that) that he wanted to take our half dressed little chicklet out in it...she was not thrilled.

once again, self-portrait...remember the pregnancy self-portraits from July of 2007 in this same mirror...while pregolicious with this sweet bunny girl? well I do...check it out below.

I miss this cute little was wiggly then but not nearly as much as it is NOW. oy vey!

Today was such a weeeeird day. In so many ways.

1.) Weird, snowy, rainy weather..and cold to boot. blech!

2.) Our sewage ejector is out downstairs, so we can use no water down there. No laundry, no toilet, no dishes...Levi threw up last night...I could not wash the blankets. on top of that, long icky story....(he's much better now and only ralphed ONCE, praise the Lord)...

3.) Had a plumber come down, found out that they would charge a buttload to purchase and install said ejector...ahhhh...I have to wait till Saturday to do laundry at home?? ack. I'm comin' over momma....she's such a good sport, letting me bring rugs that have sewage on them to her cozy abode....bringin' my stink....and boy did it.

4.) Yeah, ok, nuff of that...while said plumber dude was here...a meat vendor pulls up in my drive way, knocks on my door...wants to sell me some beef or whatever. We don't consume a lot of meat..."Well, do you eat poultry or seafood?" some but not much of that either....."Lemme show you some of this stuff, hang on"....o dear..."Mel, go get your dad...sheesh"...dude comes in with his vacuum-packed chicken (6 different varieties)...lays it all out on our entryway floor (yes, I let him in...don't get me started)...he smelled to high heaven of smoke and other substances...and he was strange....David comes up and tells him we want NO meat. pretty plainly. David heads back down to plumber dude. Meat man kept persisting..."Um, thanks for lowering the price but it's Christmas, and our sewage pump is out...we really don't have money just laying around for MEAT"....esp. meat that is iffy looking, at best. "Mel, hang on by the stairs, lemme run and get your dad...."....David went up, I stayed down with all the kids and felt quite invaded and nervous. Our plumber hero called someone he knows on the local police force...I guess this kind of thing happens a lot in his line of work...these scammers see service vehicles in driveways, and come knockin', thinking that the home occupant has a big ol' money tree growing somewhere...(ours died) they prey on these vulnerable people. he still put up a "fight" and David said he got a phone call, ignored Meaty and Meaty left after gathering his packages...YIKES. how scary is that?

I feel so violated tonight. Went to my mom's to launder and came home with the five kiddies in the dark, feeling very freaked out...and then remembered that I have a Strong Tower and He will calm my racing heart and thoughts. phew! good thing.

I let him in! whatta clueless one. won't do that again...beware of blood-sucking meat vendors...if you are one, take no for an answer and save your dignity...No means no....reminds me of a They Might Be Giants song...ooh, gotta find that for my playlist...ok, ADHD is outta here...hope your first Monday in December has been faboo! Hugs!


Steph said...

So sorry for you. The tummy bug has hit two of your kids now right? E and then L? Thank goodness it was only once. And wow - about the meat man. I had that happen once when I was visiting my sister in is intimidating.
Love your tree pic - wow does your house look all clean and cozy!

Tory said...

Like you said interesting day! Like the Amy Grant song that's on there. You are definitely more generous than me...but, then again, having lived alone makes one much more cautious. When I live alone, unless I know someone's coming, I typically don't even open the door. And, at mom's, because she lives in the country, and we know when they don't "belong"...we either don't answer, or we keep the screen door closed and just yell things like "No habla Engles!" or "We have already given this year"...seems to work. Personally, avoidance works best for me.

Can't believe the kids are getting sick...but, maybe, it will be out of the house in time to enjoy the holidays.

Hugs to you, Tory

Tory said...

P.S. I miss the "baby" tree!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Mr. Meaty. That's not cool. Kinda reminds me of my stalker Schwan's man...they don't know when to go...i would HATE that job!!! I hope that L is feeling better. You are more than welcome to do laundry at my house between now and Saturday, too, if you want. We've had our own pukey issues...N did it again last night...booo!!! Anyway, i'll leave a key under the doormat (I hope there aren't any criminals that read this...and know where i live...and know my alarm code. That could be trouble). Okay, Merry December!!! Let the countdown begin!!! xoxo

Brittany said...

We get the meat man about once every 6 mo. I always tell them I don't buy meat out of the back of a van. Seriously. Even if it WAS legit, which I don't think any are, I'm not buying meat out of the back of a van. Period. Icky!

Anyway, glad you guys are safe and there was only one ralph and all is fine in Deliverence today.