Thursday, December 18, 2008


Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear LAURIE! Happy birthday to you!

Hello everyone! Guest blogger Becky here! I have been waiting and waiting ALL day for a birthday post about my dear sis, and it just wasn't happening. She takes the time on everyone's birthday, to post about them, but just doesn't seem to take the same time out for herself! So, here I sit, with my boss behind me, hijacking my sister's blog to give her props!

I just wanted to take a minute and let you all know (as if you don't already) how blessed we are to have athomemama! She is my BFF, my sanity, my strength and my best friend. I rely on this blog to greet me every morning when I drag myself into Cubical City. She usually has something to say that will make me laugh, which is just what I need first thing in the morning. I love to see the most recent pics of the kids, the corner of her head in the rearview mirror or whatever Moo has managed to get into. This little glimpse into her daily life makes me realize that I'm glad to have a full time job, er, I mean, that this woman can really do it all! With everything that she has going on, she still manages to take time to fight with this stinkin' blogger stuff (this is my first time) and put little nuggets of fun out there for all of us to see. If this blog doesn't make you smile at least one time when you read it, nuts to ya!

Laurie-Thanks for being such an awesome mom, wife, daughter and my personal favorite, sister! Oh, no, more "fave" than that: thanks for being OLDER THAN I AM-FOREVER. I've said this before, but having a sister is one of the best things that our daughters could have. I just hope that they have even half the fun that we have. I think that we may have scared Mel a little yesterday, but she'll understand soon enough that when you're stressed, you might just have to sing the Christina Aguilera version of Meli Kalikimaka while riding through town in the "Snow Cat". Hey, everyone copes differently, right?

Now, I'm going to search my computer here at work and see if I have any pictures that I can post (that haven't already been posted

Okay, now that I've bored your crowd to tears, (if you lose some followers, I'm sorry) I'm going to let you resume posting duty.

I hope that you have a fantabulous bleepity bleepth birthday! I promise you CCC soon!



Tory said...

Oh, that was a fun ride! Really enjoyed the unusual post, and the tribute to the Birthday girl. Sounds like you all have been having fun. Hope the party is great, and you get your favorite lasagna. ;)

Happy Birthday, Tory

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday, Laurie! I hope you had a truly fabulous day!

I always wanted a sister and all I got was crappy brothers.... Oh well. I'm so glad my girls got sisters! Woohoo!

Heather said...

Awww...that was AWESOME! Right about when I was going to get choked up, I laughed. Becky, you're quite the writer! MAN, I wish you'd start a blog! It would be HI-LARIOUS!!
Very sweet tribute to your sistah! You guys are something else!
Love ya, both!
P.S. I just LOVE that picture of the two of you pg together!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the bloggin' support! It was fun, but i can see that i would ramble on and on and never really have a one wants to read that, do they? xoxo

Laurie and company said...

Brittany, that was hilarious...loved how you said crappy brothers. I was so afraid Mel would be in the same sinking boat. hee hee. love you brothers, all of ya, wherever YOU may be...(brittany's and mine etc) Love ya girl!
Beck, people want to hear that stuff...:) you are a good blogger. I heart you!
Heather, let's make a blog for Beck..she's good, isn't she? thank you again for your awesomeness! love ya
Toryliciousness, I don't get lasagna till Christmas day but then again, that and my birthday are nearly one and the same..let's lump them all together. thanks for caring! Love ya!
I'm still choked up!