Friday, December 12, 2008

The Unveiling...

Here's the card for 2008.
pretty thrilling, huh? I thought so.
I was just glad to get it finished.
Now I'm getting the envy's stuffed and ready to send out...the highlight of the holiday season, for sure. Knowing that this is outta the way...and to imagine, the sheer joy YOU receive when you open your mailbox to find one of these treats. Whoa Nelly!
Try to contain yourself. If you live close to me, or go to church with me, I will probably just HAND yours to you...and then you will have to walk around the corner and do a victory dance so I don't see you...
I know.
Well, I've got lots to do...Mel, Annie, Sarah, Will, and Ethan are all playing hide and seek...I need to go make sure they are being the good kids I know they sounds kinda noisy-ish down there. Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday evening and the outlook of a lovely, holiday memory-making weekend! I shall have lots to blog. Hope I remember to take pix for you, Kara.
O yeah, in the card pix...Molly was on take two...ready for a nap...and so her expressions are kinda spacey. But if you look closely at her Dad's pic, bottom will see where she gets it. She comes by it honestly. The pic of D. and I was obviously taken on Thanksgiving, after we'd argued late into the night the night before the Drumstick, then got up way early to go run/walk the Dash and then prepare them for the trip to Illinois...we were hanging by threads...just wanted to say that!


Simplicity said...

I love this card! Every year I think about using my pictures to have one made, but then I don't get far enough to figure out where to go to get them made. Make sense?

Anway, can I cheat a bit and ask where you got this one made? I don't think we'll be sending any cards out this year--which is sad because this is Matthew's first Christmas--but our computer with all our addresses is still very, very sick and may not recover (it also has all of my pictures from September back on it!).

O.K. Too long-winded! You guys look beautiful! I am very much impressed with the awesome pictures of the kids. And even more impressed that you and your honey got your pictures taken for the card too!


Laurie and company said...

O yes you can cheat...Sam's has wonderful choices when it comes to cards...multi-image, one image, diff. sizes...we've been doing them there for years.
I just put yours in the envelope last night...hopin' that the HOPE website has your address...if not, I'll be emailing you back!
It's understandable as to why you won't do cards this, new baby boy, sickened computer...consider your blog your Christmas card...your friends and fam will understand!
have a great day!
Thanks, pretty lady!

Tory said...

Nice pictures which makes for a memorable Christmas card. Thanks for the preview.

Hope you guys had a good night and that you are having a wonderful start to the weekend.

Hugs, t

Steph said...

Looks good! I just got mine done too. Now it's the dreaded envelopes...YUCK!

Heather said...

That is SO good! Is it one of those fold up cards where you don't need an envelope?
I'm so impressed with how you get everything done.

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Your cards! I can't wait to get it! I'm slowly but surely getting mine going. (Not really, they'll be on their way, soon, i hope)....xoxo

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Love the cards! Are we still on your list? I need one of those for my fridge! (hint, hint, hint)