Friday, December 5, 2008

I like Pictures

this is allllllllll yer gettin', kids. this, and a piece of coal.

you know that bitter, bites thru to your bones cold we are experiencing here in Indiana right now? yeah, it was that cold the night we went downtown with some friends to take in the holiday sights....brr brr brrrrrr. this was 3 stinkin' years ago...I just can't believe how fast time is flyin'.

so cute. so innocent. 2002

ragamuffin band...

this is one of my all time fave pics of Melanie...she was still so young and soft here...such a little dreamboat! I think I was pinching Levi's leg here.

just a few little blasts from the we head into the weekend.
got any great plans? any fun holiday events you are heading to?
I know my sister's husband's company throws a big ol' too doo for their employees and a date...downtown at the Hyatt, food, beverages...dancing...get to get all fancied up and they are even spending the night down there...lucky dogs. Have fun, kids, and make good choices. :0) I have to say that as the older sister and childcare provider for Piper.
We are having Piper overnight, as I mentioned...Levi is so excited to have his "honey" over, take her to Patria, bicker, fight, he did this, she did that...blah blah blah. it's good for 'em. I'm so thrilled that they have each other....they are adorable with each other.
David and I are going out to Cheesecake Factory Sunday night...for our anniversary, thanks to my parents! Thanks Mom and Dad! We've even got a coupon for a free piece of cheesecake (which we will undoubtedly split) that we got from lovely Charmaine and her hubby (have you had your baby TODAY? hugs and prayers to you)...I'll be eating that cheesecake and she gets to give birth. hmmm. I think I'd rather eat cheesecake. you know I'd do it for you if I could, Charmaine, right?
Otherwise, a lowkey, mild mannered weekend . Hope you get to enjoy the same. Stay warm, stay cool, stay sane. God Bless YOU!


Tory said...

How cute is that family! Thanks for digging those ones up...I love a good comparison from year-to-year.

How fun to go to the Cheesecake factory without children...or anywhere for that matter. ;) Especially when I stopped in there to get carry-out cheesecake the other day, and realized how much their prices had gone thanks to Charmaine for helping out with that. I would definitely be splitting.

Hope you have fun and are enjoying time with Piper. ;)

Hugs, T

Tory said...

Okay, so, here I am avoiding work again...and, since there isn't a new post, I figure that I would harrass you a bit. ;) Didn't want to comment on other people's blogs, and leave you out of the loop.

Hope you had a fun, holiday making weekend. I bet you will have lots to tell us this week.

Hugs, t