Thursday, December 18, 2008

one potato, two potato, three potato, four...

I just wanted post this pic. It's one of my all time faves...Laurie-the Super Star of Canadian Lakes (I think that's where we were). The only thing that I recall from this summer was the sweet styrofoam egg that kept me from drowning. Seriously? Was that approved by the US Coast Guard? Probably not.

I did forget to say that when Laurie wasn't trying to get me to say cuss words (Remember? "I'm not taping it, I promise", but you couldn't hide the sad whirrrring of the ol' Casio tape recorder, could ya?), or threatening to run away every other day, she was "taking time out to do her little sister's hair" and making the most MTV "Cribs" worthy Barbie houses. To me, it was a lid to White Rain Mousse and a tube of Revlon lipstick. To her, it was a lamp! So innovative...well, at least it was to a 6 year old. She was just the coolest.

Sorry for all of the times that my terry cloth panties (nice, mom) made you nervous. I owe ya.
There's just so many memories, it makes me want to cry, and well, ya know "laughter through tears is ma' favorite emotion"! XOXO again. I swear, I'm done now.


Tory said...

Yeah, here's where I should post my memories...but, mine are few and far between. I remember Laurie, Becky, and Dawn, the three musketeers. And, I remember...oh, crapy, that's about it. But, I am glad that you have these wonderful memories. ;)

Thanks, Beck!

Heather said...

Is that muscle-man Tom on that pontoon with you? I'll bet the girls on Canadian Lakes were swooning over him that summer! And my gosh, Andy looks like his boys in that picture...or is it his boys look like him...?
I love seeing the old pictures. Makes me wonder how much craziness your parents had in their humble home.

Laurie and company said...

Beck, David wanted me to tell you (I just showed him the blogjacking) impressed he was that you did this. Heather, you too. I think if he wasn't in a work-induced fog, he may have even cried.
I'm so honored. I really am.
love you girls.
Tory, i wish our families had gotten together more as youngsters. We would've had a lot of fun. I just know it. memories are good things. (that dang Elvis song always starts up in my fool head when I say the word memories)...
Beck, I am impressed with your blogging skills. you have NO excuse now. none. Look, Heather works, has kids and keeps up with her blog...c'mon. we'll get ya started on that and Facebook. on your days off. yah!!

I'm outta here...speechless.

Anonymous said...

My excuse now is that i can just hijack yours when i'm feeling cool like dat, ya know. If you'd change your passwords for something once in a while, i may be forced to start something! :) HA HA. xoxo

Sorry i had to jump off the phone so quickly last night. I don't know what N's deal was! She sounded like a newborn.

I HAVE TO SHARE: WV (and i've had some good ones lately) urold. I AM NOT LYING.