Thursday, December 4, 2008

Title-less Thursday

I spent a good part of Thursday doing all of this. What is all of this, you ask? The totes, toys, junk that you'd find in the upstairs storage room...I'm going thru them, emptying, determining if we need to keep what is inside or not...Goodwill loves me this week!

one of those good reasons to hide your cam from your kids...

Levi and his Gramps

the lighting was horrible for my cam (of course, it would help if I actually knew how to use all the features on my cam)...but this little girl was so prissy...just kept waving at us, making sure we were all watching her.

Piper with her teacher, Mrs. P. I like that Nora is right behind them...

some of our brood at Mickey D's after the program

this is me, choosing joy in spite of the fact that I feel like my chest is caving in.

Today....ahh. today. so much to do, so little time.
I'm doing some serious fall cleaning. I'm over it. we have too much junk. (shhh, don't tell David...)
Piper had her K3-K4 preschool program tonight...those kinds of things always make me's so sweet to see and hear all those little humans just singing away, trying to stay still, trying to do what their teachers have taught them. And failing. miserably. Piper is a bit older and focused, so that was cute...she is such a little lady. But those K3 kids? rough around the little dude right in the front row was a high-pitched little dude...and he was laughing, singing really high, and almost angrily at points. when they had the kids sit for the reading, he was eating his shoe and distracting the other kiddies around him. We were all thinkin' that his afternoon dose of Ritalin was worn away. cute at first but yeah...I'd have been embarrassed if it was my kid.
I don't have energy to write anymore tonight but just wanted to get these pix posted and let ya know I was still here. Big hugs and prayers to you!


Tory said...

Such totally fun pix, and it made my morning to find a tiny little present all for me. ;) I know that sounds so selfish, but oh! It's cool to see piper and Nora, the fact that Levi and Pipes had to sit on a different step. And, it's very unusual to see E corralling Moo. Cool!

Many hugs, and prayers for a Fun Friday that bestows many blessings upon you.

Love ya, T

Heather said...

Soooo cute! Miss P is SUCH a princess!
Little secret...I have too much junk, too, much to my husband's chagrin. I think Jeff and D would get along swimmingly, Misters Simplicity that they are.
That last picture of you is good! Funky angle and it's flattering! Keep on choosing joy, my friend! Happy Friday to ya!

Tory said...

You know, I just realized what the title was...title-less Thursday...don't know if you will get it, but makes me think of know, Titleist! ;) I know, it's a strange thought, but I thought that I would share amidst my work avoidance. (I must report, I am being very successful! hahaha...)