Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve excursion

Over the river and thru the woods, to grandmother's house we go...

but first, a quick visit to Aunt Linda's bustling house(this is where the Y reunion was a few weeks earlier)...where we got to see Kara and Jason, Hannah, Josie, and Cameron and 87 other people...including Kara's brother, Jeff and his lovely fiancee Erin, pictured above, on either side of E. Warm congratulations on your engagement, lovelies. It was so nice to see you ALL...and look forward to seeing you all again, come June 2009!

Melanie, Abigail, and Alexandra!

Nathan and Emilie...horsin' around

Amy's friend, John, with Adelaide...whatta nice little smile for the camera, A.

Natalie with Molly, Matt, Sarah, and Mel, with the devil red eyes...

I feel that the Charlie Brown Christmas music should be inserted here..

we played a "rousing" game of charades...and then Catch Phrase...good times, good times.

this actually happened upon first arriving but my pix are kinda outta order...

mm mmmm good eatin...steak, humongous baked potatoes...I mean, these were as big as a baby's head. delish...good meal, Mom Y...all that hard work slaving in the kitchen was not in vain!
Natalie and the boys, sporting matching earth tones...greens, browns...there was a theme and I missed that memo and wore gray.

thanks, Uncle Matt, for the cool kid tough camera! Levi has had lots of fun taking pics of people's (clothed) bums and such.

Will in his cool air soft gun garb...

more charades and such.

this is the only pic that I got of Miss Cool Whip...she took advantage of all of the grown ups being distracted and dug into the tub of whip...she did not like being pulled away. drama brat.

Molly was fascinated with Adelaide's thick, dark hair! A. was a good sport!

we got home from Illinois at 3 a.m. and I still had all of the Christmas morning wrapping to do...someone pleeeease remind me NOT to do that next year! O man, that was tuff!

stockings were laid on the couch with care...
the captions pretty much explain our Christmas Eve adventures...
It was a rather air-sucked right outta your lungs kinda day..since I seemed to procrastinate on every front this year....note to self...don't do THAT again! We got our stuff done around the homestead, David worked and we left to take clothes to him and head to Illinois at about 4 pm.
I wish it was that easy. the clothing he told me to bring him was rather casual. but I brought it anyways...and thought he knew what he was doing. He walked out of his workplace, and stood on the sidewalk...and told me that he looked "gay"...meaning, offense long story short...we drove alllllllllllll the way back home...he changed, Levi pooed his pants and we were able to change him and get new tights for Molly, who had discovered a hole in her other ones and made it way bigger. ahhh. starting off on a rotten foot.
Ok, let's do that Kara and family, tell them we were running late....get to their house at 6 ish Illinois time...I think. I dunno. It's all blurry to me....had a very nice visit with the T and D families...but too short! I'm just thankful that I got to see you guys at all! You all are such fun to be around! really. I mean it.
Got out to G-town to the cabin in the woods at 7:15 or so....Illinois time....8 our time...almost Molly's bedtime....imagine this.
ate a delish meal of steak and such...Thanks, Mom and Dad...good food and good fellowship!
Games, presents, dessert, Molly in buckets of whipped cream....whew...a good time for all. I think we were a good argument for BIRTH CONTROL! yah! I know I was. This girl makes me tired. And I'll say it again...good, very good thing that she is so amazingly cutesy. I'da kilt her by now. you know I joke. but she's something ELSE. Are you sure this isn't your kid, Beck?
We are heading out tonight to visit the downtown Indpls circle....wanna see the circle of lights before it's gone for this year! pictures, sights, pizza and hopefully coffee in there somewhere...and eventually, when I'm caught up, BLOGGIN' it!
Hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and look forward to the coming New Year. Get yer rezzzzzolutions ready! Big hugs from this tired, yet JOYFUL blogger!


Heather said...

HOW.DO.YOU.DO.IT?!...without losing your ever-loving mind? I go into head-popping-off mode a lot and I only have 1 bebe! Bless your heart, sweet soul! You're a good momma and wife! Here's to some relaxing for you in the next few days.

Brittany said...

Laurie, You crack me up! I so see myself in you sometimes. My youngest is going to be the death of me yet. What's up w/ our babies anyway?!? I've told Nathan several times that it's a good thing he's so stinkin' cute.

Glad you seemed to have a good Christmas despite the craziness. I did too. I, too, procrastinated on the gift wrapping and it was crazy. I am NOT waiting this long next year. I'm NOT! Let's hold each other accountable about T'giving next year. What do you say? :D

Laurie and company said...

Heather, you crack me up. Whose to say I don't go into head popping off mode, really? ask my poor, poor children. I think I went into HPO mode that very day. Jesus and His mother Mary, were quite ashamed of me that day...I must've known what was coming! ahhh. thanks, though, for your encouraging words and for caring. you will be a great momma of two!!

Brittany, we will DEF have to keep each other accountable. I want to sail into the holiday season next year and maybe even be a bit ahead! ah, now there's a thought. Plus, our babies will be just a bit older so I'm thinkin' that will help??? please say YES! So come Nov., let's kick it in! You are so encouraging to me!

Love ya both! LY

Steph said...

Fun picks and miss Molly is adorable. Little Ada is a cutie patootie too. Where is Aim at now? IL or IN?
It sounds like you had a fun but very busy trip. Hope to see you sometime when you come through!
Merry Christmas.

Smooches, Kara said...

OMG reading your blog wore me out much less actually living through the day like you did!! All I care is I got to see you ;) Selfish but I am!!

Don't all of us think we have learned a valuable lesson during the holiday season only to punish ourselves the next year again!?!

p.s. Unlce Matt kinda ROCKS!! How do I get to be one of his nieces!?

Anonymous said...

You definitely make my head spin. I'm sitting here, barely awake, thinking HOW IN THE WORLD do you not just crash and burn every night? I'm forever impressed! xoxo

Tory said...

Amazing, simply amazing! OhMyGoodness, you truly make me tired. I can barely keep up with myself, and here you are keeping up with all of those hundreds of people. Like always after your blog, I need a nap! Just so thankful that you are willing to share with us. Love ya', kiddo, t

wv: warin (u b warin me out! hahaha)