Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009 to YOU!

Welcome to my 2009 blog! Wow, can't believe how time is whizzing by....

Bunny Boy says, "Stick to your resolutions! You won't be sorry!"

The Nerf gun fights started earlier than usual...and this hallway at our church building became a war zone. It felt, strangely, blasphemous. adults and kids were involved...David, being the most passionate warrior!

A rousing game of Apples to Apples...getting the eye from Stickers.

This is Barbara (remember her from the Harvest party pix? she was road kill)...and her husband, Randy, who is our Pastor at Horizon Christian Fellowship. They are a fun couple. Hopefully they will still like us after this party! :) you do, right? well, assuming you liked us in the first place. thanks so much for letting us use the facility. I'd call you to see if we cleaned up all right but I have NO VOICE!

Um, shot the pastor in the eye! shameless.

Lovely Caroline...pondering her 2009 resolutions!

Waiting for the ball to drop...with bated breath!

Tim, Terry, and Brittany (her head is hiding), getting in a group hug. love these hugging moments! Terry, you are simply one of the loveliest women I've met! in and out! I like that you can see Carolyn huggin' on Luciano in the background...awww. I didn't get any pix of David and I hugging...but we did. we even smooched.

April and John, first time Young party glad you 4 could make it (they brought their sons, Elliot and Nathan, along)...

Ramona and Danielle...partying like rock stars, no doubt!

Tim, always looking out for Levi! You've got a friend in him, Tiny.


now I just sit and wait for shutterbug Tommy to get me his disk because I'm sure he got gobs more fotos than I did...I missed a lot of people in my snapping away..sorry Jen..Jeff, Nicky, Mom, Dad, Vince, Janice...most of the kids...for not documenting your participation...I forgot to start taking pix till almost the very end! I struggle with this when Tom, thanks for your awesome picture taking skills....I appreciate it more than you will know!

As you can see, these are obviously our New Year's Eve Party pix...We had a really good time and had a lot of fun folks in attendance.
We had gobs of food and gobs of Nerf bullets whizzing thru the air. thanks to Pastor Randy for allowing us to host the bash at Horizon! Thanks to all the folks that came and brought yum yum snacks!

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Tory said...

So much fun, and we missed it! Oh well, guess we'll work on being there to ring in 2010. Sounds freaky, doesn't it? Sorry to get too far ahead of the power curve. Anyway, I did like seeing your lovely mug, as well as, Tommy's. Happy New Year, cuz.