Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday happenings

loves to touch his beard...scratchy!
so limber

Just a few of them, anyway.

I'm sitting here waiting for the snow to show up...they are predicting 4-8" for our area...I hope they are wrong. :( I just looked at my calendar and realized that it's February 1, month down, 11 to go!

This month holds lots of fun times for us, as E. will turn 12 on Valentine's Day (sweet li'l cupid that he is)...and then my sister turns thirty on the, I can't even fathom that she is going to be that OLD! old, ya hear me, Beck? really, 30 isn't as bad as we all make it's a whole heckuva lot more fun that FORTY!! (not that I'm 40 but I'm halfway there)...let me know if you have a birthday.

Also this month holds a leap year, and the Groundhog will hopefully NOT see his shadow this Saturday! (thanks for reminding how that works, Sherry)

These pix were taken at my parent's house tonight. Levi kept doing somersaults and this was the best that I could my cam is slower than molasses in January. (Canon Digital Rebel would be swell). Molly got some G-ma and G-pa lovin' and we ate a lovely beef stroganoff dinner! Yum, thanks Momma and Daddio. We be lovin' your grub! and you as well.

I'll let ya know if the snow shows up, take some sledding pix for those of you in warm know who you are and I'm coming to visit! Make up the sofa bed!
Update: it had started snowing at 11:30 or midnight and I just checked and there is some rain coming down, making a niiiiiiiiiiiice layer of ice! Things will get messy!


becky said...

YEA!!! It's my 30th birthday month!!! WOO HOO!!! I can't believe i'll not be in my 20's anymore...yikes!SOrry i didn't call you back last was late! I'm glad that you are feeling better this week than you were last! I just want to squeeeeze molly...dang, she's cute. Levi's not bad either. :)

velvet said...

yikes! be careful in that snowy/icy cold! and molly's eyes are soooo pretty!!!

Stickers said...

Heck No
We Don't Want Snow
Heck No
We Don't Want Snow.

Okay, I'll stop picketting and get back to school work and dyeing my hair. Too much gray showing. Smooch.

Around The Funny Farm said...

Yucky weather here too!

Sure am looking forward to NICE weather!

:-) Beth

athomemama said...

Beck - don't worry, being 30 isn't so bad. it's ok that you forgot about me last night. I'll be ~sniff, sniff~ ok. :) thanks for being my sister. you are my sunshine.
Velvet - We didn't get said snow...we got a minor dusting but the icy stuff is kinda nasty...nothing this ol' Michigander can't handle, right? I've never wanted to visit you MORE! (I mean that)...
Stickers - I want to picket with you...what color are you dying your hair? can't imagine why you'd have any grays...:)
Beth - Hey, nice to hear from you...I just checked out your blog and it's really funny! Thanks for commenting. let's all think happy thoughts on good weather...Groundhog Phil will tell us tomorrow what we can expect!! Can't wait to hear!

Sherry said...

OH....NO....Please don't remind me how old I am. I could be Beck's mother!

Love the pictures!