Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rock-A-Hula Baby

Remember Molly, modesty IS the best policy!!

we need to work on her calves and thighs!This is titled "Rock-A-Hula Baby" because there is an Elvis song that I loved a lot as a youngster (something you didn't know about me,unless you are my family, I was an Elvis freak as a teenager and young adult!! I would cry over him...)and I couldn't help but sing it when we were taking these pix...she is my little rock a hula baby!!

Molly really does love wearing Melanie's Build-A-Bear hula outfit. If it wasn't 5 degrees tonight, she might like it even more.

I feel the need to be somewhere warm right now. I'm not a hot weather fan...but I would almost take a swampy August evening right about now. This weather wears on a person's frame of mind. You can see why people used to get "cabin fever" in the old days....o the blue days, the melancholy moments of winter!

It's midnight and I think this night owl may just go to bed now. We are painting our closet tomorrow...that should be lots of fun!!

I have a lot of thoughts going on in my head right now, could get really deep or overly sensitive but thought these pix of Petunia in her hula garb would hold you over till I could get my "deep thoughts" processed and save me from becoming teary and verklempt. I have a heavy heart tonight and so if you are reading this, and you are my brother or sister in Christ, maybe you could pray for me. I would appreciate it! God bless you tonight.


velvet said...

i hope you are doing alright! you can always email me if you are down and need to vent. i've been there, my friend.
on a lighter note, those are the cutest pictures i have ever seen! i think i want to bite her thigh in that last picture! that is SO hilarious that she is wearing that!!
:) you guys are too much!

Sherry said...

Aww....I'm sad now. I'm at work if you need to talk. (If you're still awake!)

Molly looks precious, precious, precious!

Love ya

becky said...

Why so blue, panda bear? You know you can always call me, too. I'm so sorry that you're down. Go to the tanning bed and get a quick jolt of rays (never mind the melanoma...)and maybe that will help. i know that there are things that are going on that can't be resolved easily, but just know that i'm thinking about you today and we'll put you in our prayers. I'll tell Piper that she needs to pray for you...that should be interesting! :) I have to say that i think these are the CUTEST pics i have ever seen! It's nice to see her little chunker thighs in the midst of this 4 degree morning...(Are you jealous, velvet? Don't you want to be in the midwest today?) Cal me if you need to, Laurabelle. I love you! Thanks for another invigorating work out last night. Let me know what your plans are so we can schedule for the weekend!

beablessn said...

Sending love your way. You're in my prayers.
Molly is so cute. The build a bear outfit is too funny!

Charmaine said...

Praying for you here sweet sista'...

Nicky said...

I feel icky too. Yesterday something grabbed me and hasn't let go. I keep thinking hormones? Check the calender. Nope, shouldn't be hormones. The tanning bed does sound like a really good idea. If that doesn't work our secret society could dress up in hula outfits ourselves and get pedicures. Cute pics. Smooch.

Brittany said...

OH, she's such a dolly! Gave me a smile, for sure!

I'm praying for you today.

athomemama said...

Hey, thanks to all of my peeps...I really appreciate your encouraging words and prayers!! See, this bloggin' has benefits...good people banding together for the common good!
Love to you all!

Heather said...

Hugs and kisses to ya and a big ole' mondo Starbucks triple-whatever-floats-yer-boat! Maybe a mid-winter "beach party" is in order...? Turn up the heat in the house, put on some Don Ho and get out the flip flops! MWAH!
P.S. That little hula baby is a hoot! Such a sweetie pie-girly-girl!

Smooches, Kara said...

Just a quick note to let you know that these pictures just made my whole week!!!

A hug to you my dear in hopes you are feeling better!!