Friday, January 18, 2008

Around the house...

tiny pink kicks
yeah, kid, you nasty
ewwww, gross.

Hello folks. How are you?
Here you will find some completely random photos from Wednesday. Levi informed me that he had taken Molly's shoes off. I went to get them and he had placed them so nicely by the door...quite pathetic, really, that I felt a need for a pic. But I'm used to big boy shoes, man shoes, etc and these were just so cute and irresistible!
I'm not sure how David noticed the nasty piece of cheese under the arm of our couch but he has an eagle eye for dirties around the house and is always quick to point them out to me, and how gross our kids (me as well) can really be. This is Levi's cheese. He even asked for it the other day but I guess he only wanted it to see how well it would stick to wood. ick. kids really are quite gross and if you don't stay right on top of 'em, the nasty things they can do.
The bottom pic is precious because it shows how hands-on Molly is...she won't shake hands when she gets older, she will touch your face. I kinda hope she does, it's so endearing!
We are painting in my room today...I will have to blog that later's so fun to paint with Davey boy. He has already told me I need to dust more and that I have too much junk.
onward ho!!!


becky said...

I love the pic of her shoes by the door!!! SO sweet! Levi is just funny. I love the cheese on the futon. Reminds me of the cheese Piper so carefully rubbed into the seat of the bowflex. Yes, that's what that is....THanks for the new entry!!! XOXO

velvet said...

hey there! sorry i have been MIA these past few days! i miss our emails back and forth :) your pix are cute - love the cheese! i can so relate, unfortunately! and don't think i didn't catch that subtle richardson reference!! :)

athomemama said...

'tis true. I did make a subtle richardson ref and I didn't even realize it. I'm all about hands on...
we all have to be MIA now and then, right?? glad you are up and around!!

Nicky said...
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Sherry said...

Too funny!

Tell D that at least it hadn't molded yet, so it has not been there too long.

AND, if you had a dog, it would never have stayed on there to begin with!

I leave the "realness" man, cool!