Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sweet, sleepy babies

My beard finally, really, Molls getting loved on by Gramps...she loves his picky beard
vision of sweetness

This post is to finish up yesterday. After a crazy day of running to lunch, errands and just basically taking care of my #4 and #5 kids ON MY OWN (no help from those bigger kids that I love and depend on so very much)...poor little Levi couldn't keep his head up on the ride home. Molly had been crying a lot in the car due to no one being around to give her the pacifier, so she was plum-tuckered. Levi felt the stress and at one point in the ride, he cried because she was so upset and he said it made him sad. Whatta peach! I have totally done the 2 kid deal before (Hi Will and Ethan!!) but I'm older now, more dependent on my built in helpers and it is blasted coooooooold. I love you, my children. You are such incredible helpers and this has shown me to stop sighing at you and appreciate you for the willing helpers you are!!
Ok, hope you all are having a superb Thursday!! Stay warm! God Bless You!


Nicky said...
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velvet said...

i want some big little people helpers!! :) i love the sweet sleepy pix!

Sherry said...

I wish I had some little people for my big people to help me with!

You are a lucky pup.


athomemama said...

Nicky-you know what? i've done that a few times as well, and it's my identity...your largest little person is funny!!
Velvet-free to good home, one or two big little people helpers!! they are so stinkin' helpful and loving!
Sherry-it's not too late for you to have another little person.