Saturday, January 12, 2008

groundbreaking really & then some

My sister doesn't drink coffee. It's not her "thing"! (notice the Uppercase Living
catalog, Gummi Bear Queen?)
And can it be?
3 of my favorite things...cup o' joe, triple c and fresh salsa
with a big honkin' onion that my processor missed.
I've got my utensils in there and they are ready to go!!

creamy crockpot delight! I love you. I do. I honestly luuuuuv you.
Gma. with 7 of her grandkiddies..they all slobbered on her cake with her

Can I just say, whoa??

We had my dear momma's b-day party tonight, our place, 5 p.m....dear sister, Beck, came early to begin food prep...tacos and creamy crockpot chicken (a.k.a. triple c). I always have such a good time hanging with her, even when we are grumpy, even when we are poor, even when we don't both drink coffee. That is all about to change. As I was getting my food, B. asked if she could taste my coffee...granted, it's in there somewhere, as it had creamer (yes, hydrogenated soybean oil, sugar, and other gunk)...and lite whip on top...tempting to even the non-coffee drinker. She proceeded to drink my whole mug o' joe...Way to go, Beck. You are really growing up or should I say going down hill? Anyways, that was definitely a highlight of my night, heck, probably even 2008. Now we can go to a coffee shop, sit and sip our cares away! thanks for a completely yummy and satisfying dinner, familio! lovin' thou!
Sorry for the completely insane post. I'm really very tired and must go sleep while my infant g'night and peace out!


velvet said...

dang, your older daughter looks like a model in this picture!! what fun family times you guys have! :)

Sherry said...

Soo, you've turned your sister on to your addiction, just like the rest of us! Too funny!

How was the date? The movie?

Brittany said...

Ok. So, now I was the triple c recipe. The fam TOTALLY loves the pumpkin spice cake recipe! Wish I lived close enough to enjoy a cup 'o joe w/ ya!

Nicky said...
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Sherry said...

Hey, we need a copy of the recipe for the triple C.....

Heather said...

NO...WAY...! Next thing you know she'll be using ranch dressing, too! What has this World come to? ; ) Yeah...I need the triple C recipe, too...what's w/ the secrecy? (another wink) Maybe you could post it...? (please, please?)