Friday, February 1, 2008

A well-rounded young man!

Happy Birthday, Dear Ethan!!

lovin' my jumper!

he is SO much more used to this nowadays!

This one's for you, E! On February 14th, Ethan will turn 12! So in honor of our second born son, I am going to post some pix here and there of him. Will was born 16 months before E...and it's still amazing to me how different they are, not just in body types but in personality. E can be intense and sometimes pushy but it's that pushiness that tells his dad and I that he is a natural born leader and encourager! This boy feels with his whole body and needs constant input and reassurance from us. You are something else, kiddo!
I should have known when I was laboring with him (for 2 days) that he was going to be my stubborn one. (he comes by that honestly...he is so like his mother) Yet while he can be hard-headed, he is also one of the most tender-hearted dudes around. Ethan, we love you and have hope of great things for your life. You already have such a desire for the things of the Lord and your relationship with Jesus Christ is a neat thing to observe.

We did NOT get the forecasted big blizzard and that is a relief to me..though we did get some swell icy conditions...We stayed home today and I'm not sure what we did exactly...I was in an "I stayed up too late" coma. The boys went to a jr. high activity tonight with their youth group (bowling, ask E. how he did)...they really like their youth pastor, Seth. He's a neat guy! (I think he even has a blog...) I went to Kohl's with my friend, Sherry and her daughter, Sophie as well as my #3-5 kids. M squared and Tiny. Sherry, you are one fun gal!
Now, I need to finish cleaning my house so we can get up way too early for another soccer game...who made this schedule that puts us starting at 8 A.M.??
Be back later...:) ;)


Charmaine said...

Awwww... Happy Birthday Ethan! From ALL of us. Such a great young man you are. :)

Sherry said...

I had a moment of panic that his birthday was today...then I realized your plan, ma'am. Shew!!

Ethan - you are a natural born leader and a gifted kid. It's a privilege to know you. I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of you the next couple of weeks!

Stickers said...

Happy Birthday Ethan from our family. Did someone say Khols.

Smooches, Kara said...

Wow I had alot of reading to do to get caught up!! I told Jason that reading your blog is a part of my healing process. All patients need to smile!!!

Goll durn but E was a gorgeous baby!!!

Stickers said...

You guys okay? Didn't see you at church. Smooch.

Heather said...

Aw, E was SUCH a sweet baby! All of your children are beautiful - inside and out.
Happy Birthday week, Ethan! Only one more year until you're a teenager!

becky said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!!!! He was the prettiest baby and has turned into the sweetest, most tender hearted little fella!! I love the pic of Will sitting on him...that's classic!!!

velvet said...

such a beautiful kid!!