Sunday, January 20, 2008

deer in headlights goes to lunch

My 3 sons
Said deer (aka dear) in headlights with lovely girl

who is drinking (shhhhh) coca-cola!

Levi and Molls
A great wall plaque

Good Monday morning to you! I know it's cold, and you had to drive to wherever it is you have to drive (Beck, I don't even know where you drive to)...but your long, chilly drive was worth it, you can now view my weekend's worth of posting...ahhhh, does it get any better?? I mean, really, does it? (it is actually late Sun. night, early Mon. morning when I am typing this)

Before I forget, here's a shout out to my pal, Carolyn, who turned one year over 40 today...Happy Birthday to you, girl!! We enjoyed meeting your "friend" at soccer on Saturday. "he's real cute" as we say here in the midwest.

We got adventurous today...went to our worship service, took some lunch to some friends and then went and had ourselves some yummies at Grindstone Charley's...we rarely go out to eat at a sit down place...but we did it all for less than 50 bucks and that is feeding 6 peeps. I am such a blog nerd...I want to take pix of everything and put it on here for the whole world to see. most of the whole world, anyway. The picture of David and Mel is kinda funny...he really wasn't high, he was in quite a friendly mood also!! he just looks funny in these because, quite frankly, he is high...ON LIFE!! The best part about the lunching out?? The above plaque (am I spelling that correctly??) true. in so many ways.

I really need to get to bed...tomorrow is going to slam me...and I have got to start planning for our Feb. 7 homeschool club on the American Revolution and the times around if any of you have any good suggestions, say, craft&food ideas, how to dance a minuet or if you could give a presentation on those times, to a bunch of 4-14 yr. old kids, I would be most appreciative...that is my full plate right heeeeeeeeeeeeelllllp.

nighty night.

(O yeah, Beck, i meant to call you but I had fallen asleep this afternoon and woke up when D. went to work...and by then, had too much fog in my head but I'm so proud of you for working out, pilates-ing with out go girl!!)
this pic is funny because M. really goes to town on my chin...I wonder what she is thinking but I love it!!


becky said...

Whew! All this bloggin' must make a girl tired! You definitely made up for your sporadic posts last week. HEE HEE>>>Looks like you guys had fun. That's awesome that you got to go out to a nice lunch! it's okay that you forgot to call..we ended up having a rough night with foghorn Nora! Have a good day and keep the entries comin'!! I love to see your kiddos in action!

Sherry said...

Lunch out - what fun!

What a happy family!

Love the pics!

Charmaine said...

Don't you FEED that baby girl?? Tee hee!!

Brittany said...

We're just getting ready for the Revolution here. So, any tips you can share w/ me would be fabulous! I bought Lauren the Magic Tree House Research Guide on the Revolution. It's an easy read, cheap, interesting and might have some sort of ideas for you guys?

velvet said...

love the pix - your fam is sooo fun!! sounds like a good day! i was cracking up when you said your husband was high...on life :)

Heather said...

I, too, go around my daily activities, looking for reasons to blog and take pictures to blog! So, I'm a fellow, we're blog-broads! Tres chic!
Mols didn't leave a hickey on your chin, did you? I'll betcha' there's going to be a tooth emerging soon! Sweet little punkin' girl!