Friday, January 4, 2008

feeling used

I feel used. dress me up, keep me warm and now this. thrown out on the porch to be stuffed back into that horrible little shed, where spiders and other critters take up residence for 11 months of the year....enduring another miserable Indiana swamp summer. Ok, I see how it is.
see ya next year! so long. arrividerci! adios! good riddance.

I put Molly on the treadmill yesterday. (see Jan. 2 post)
but man, isn't she cute?? peepers to die for!
such a big girl, sitting up in her not a newborn anymore
~sigh~ sniff sniff

ok, yes, I'm really stretching it to post this...but I was tearing our tree down (literally), Levi is harrassing me for taking it down, continuously asking me to leave it up and when is Santa gonna get here, and it hit me...the savagery that is involved in taking down the deco. We make such an event of putting it all up, watching Elf, Charlie Brown Christmas etc, or listening to Ella Fitzgerald sing carols and the mood of it all is there!! Today, I can't get it down fast enough, Chicago or some other soft something is playing somewhere in the house and the tree gets thrown out on makeshift porch. Huh. O well. Deep thoughts. and I have so much to do today. Amazing how I can find something or anything to blog. pathetic.
Otherwise, my kids are just not moving as fast as I would like them to today. I'm just not moving as fast as I would like. o well.
Molly got her new car seat it. even though they are predicting 60 degree weather next week. O well. Chubby dolly will be warm one way or another. She is crying for me right now so off I go...


Brittany said...

Poor baby. You put her on the treadmill?!? Seriously, that's funny!

Charmaine said...

Does this mean I should be taking down my Christmas decorations? Can I do that from the computer?

Sherry said... soon as Christmas is over, it's over. Mine came down on the 27th and as far as I was concerned, that was a day late!