Saturday, January 19, 2008

How we spent a very cold Saturday morning...

Will (orange shirt)...being quite aggressive
E. showin us fancy moves
Molly looks strange in this she is with Mrs. M
Brrrr!! Baby, it's cold outside. I like cold. We get along very well, thank you! But it is nasty cold.
We got to get up bright and early to be at a 9 a.m. soccer game...thank the Lord for the indoor sports facility that we are playing at! ( we lost today but our team fought hard and most importantly, HAD FUN!!)
These pics just aren't very camera tries but just can't cut it on some of the things that I want it to. (Kara, I need your camera..) o well. I will post them anyway!
Indoor soccer is much more aggressive and intense...the boys really, really dig it and if you are related to us, or not, you should come. Calm, laid back Will gets out there and runs into people with his rear end...I tried to get some pix of that but yeah. not happenin'.
We have some friends whose son plays on the boys team, and she has two very cute she gets her baby girl fill with Molly! Thanks for holding the squirmy girl, Michelle. You are a peach! (she has the cutest southern accent as well!!).
ok, time to take a shower for our Bible study tonight...maybe I will take some pix there...hmmm. good night!!


Sherry said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun! Thank goodness for the indoor facility - otherwise that would have been some cold, cold, kids.

becky said...

I swear we're going to make it to one of the boys' games. Just let me know when there's one at like 10:00 or so! Piper would love it!!!(Of course, she'd just run around with levi and boss him and call him "honey")