Monday, January 7, 2008

Cover up

Thank you, Grams and Gramps for my new cover!
It's so nice and toasty warm!! love you!
You know it's bad when you start posting about mundane things (I'm not saying my child is mundane, just this post) a baby seat cover up, which you need here in the midwest. Last week, we were in the teens, with wind chills in the negatives (nice 'n chilly) and today, we are supposed to be near 60 degrees. go figure. It stinks because you just never know how to dress in this weather. I'm thinkin' we'll all head out west to be near baby bro Andy in So Cal, where, yeah, it's harsh for a couple of months in the summer (isn't that what a/c is for?) but nice and mild the rest of the time...
I thought these pix of Miss Molly were pretty cute. She is the most jovial baby I've met thus far. I'm partial.


velvet said...

hey laurie!! it's amy (carnahan) mckay :) how awesome to hear from you! i love your blog - i can't believe you have 5 kids! you are like supermom - how do you do it?! do you keep in touch with a lot of oca-ers? i try, but we now live out in huntington beach, california, and don't get back to the midwest much. i saw that your bro is out here, too. my brother is good - married and has a little girl. that's funny that you remember my mom! i am sort of remembering that you were scott taylor's cousin? is that right? how is he doing? what a great blast from the past! :)

velvet said...

oh my gosh, i totally forgot about debbie o crushing on scott mckay!! that is too funny, as now he is my stinky old brother-in-law! yes, i did snag little andy mckay :) anyway, how is deann doing? is she still in mich? what about debbie 0?
btw, my mom looks exactly the same as she always did! :) so great to catch up!

Sherry said...

What a gorgeous baby! Magazine material for sure :-)