Friday, January 4, 2008

Cereal with bananas

good groceries
look at her serious expression...
ah hey, why aren't you feeding me the rest? (I love grabby phase)
Such a big girl!!
Nothing quite like it, really. at least in Molly's book. She had her 2nd experience with rice cereal today...the first was not so productive a few weeks back, as she gagged on it and acted like she was going to toss her cookies. But today....ah today, she ate a little bowl with some organic baby nanners in it and she pretty much yucked it right down! Ohhh, my baby is growing up. She has survived on only her mother's milk for the past nearly 6 months of her life (and before that, off of me as well)!! She seems to be going thru a bit of a growth spurt of late, always hungry-ish, gnawing on her hands and such, thus the introduction to Earth's Best organic rice cereal. A new chapter in her new little life.

Ok, she's crying right now. upset tummy? hope not.

enjoy these fresh from the "farm" pix! outta here...


Sherry said...

OH....what a big girl!

LOVE the new format on your blog! LOVE IT

Charmaine said...

I think your new layout is PRETTY!