Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Repeat: reasons to hide your camera from your kids & calendar pages..

I leave to make lunch and this is what the kids do!
She resembles a Hobbit...minus hairy feet.
Ethan loves to take pics of people's eyes, noses etc...
These are Levi's winkers

Beck, I am just about done on your calendar

Today was a miserably rainy, 63 degree (whaaaaa?) day here in the swell midwest! Indiana is suffering from some serious flooding right now! We are safe in our ark! Meanwhile, I have a full plate but without writing all of the mundane little tasks I have before me, one of the biggest feats will be completing the calendars I had hoped to have completed last weekend, for dear sissy and dear mommy (part of their Christmas gifts)...I'm coming, girls...Beck, yours will be done before mom's..(sorry momma). This is NOT cool in my book.

Melanie and I walked in the rain today. My treadmill is down. bummer. I came home and rode on the recumbent bike as well. Great motivation for losing weight (besides the obvious ones like being uncomfy, lack of clothing, and not being able to do the tango, etc) is watching Biggest Loser...Love.....that....show.

We ended our evening with some praise time, Bible reading and prayer as a family, David came home at 7:30 tonight! It is such a blessing to sit around in our living room, sing some songs to praise the Lord, read some really good scripture (Matthew ch. 6 tonight) which ends with Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you... I pray our kids seek God's will for their lives first and foremost...above all else. We are reading thru the New Testament as a family this year, which has proven to be quite interesting thus far...the first chapter of Matthew is such and such begat this guy who begat this dude...etc. Mel was worried because she wasn't sure how to pronounce the names. cute girl! :) wish I was half as tender-hearted!

> Forgive the rather chatty post, I did drink some coffee at 9 p.m.

<>Beck, we need to see each other, I am having some serious withdrawal and I know Molly is missing Nora...let's hook up sis! I miss you something fierce!

> Up next, the Divine Miss M's 6 month birthday (Jan. 9) as well as a celebration of my mom's birthday on the 10th...will have to look out some "fun" pix for this! Until then, peace out!

~~I'm slightly addendum happy this week...but, in the post just south of here, I need to correct myself...the title should have read that I act like I have nothing better to do...don't ya hate it when you have a lot to do but you want to avoid it for as long as possible? that is what I was doing. I wanted to correct myself so I don't look like a COMPLETE loser/slacker! ok, thanks!~~


Coi-oi-oi-oin said...

Ha Ha!! That pic of Molly is sooo cute! She's such a big girl! I agree, i need to see you soon. I'm missin' me some laurie!! It's so funny that you corrected yourself on the previous post b/c i was going to write "how do you manage to take pix of smoothies and muffins (any left?) with 5 kids, homeschooling and everything else that you do?". I'm looking at the vacant calendar spot on my wall right now. I can't wait to see the whole thing. Thanks for the preview!!! You're the best! Big bear hugs and angelfish kisses, my love.

Brittany said...

Your kids and their picture taking humor is HILLLLLARIOUS!!! They've got a great sense of humor like their momma!

Lauren and I are walking too! One mile, around the church gym. No huge weight loss goals here, but minor ones. (Huge ones seem daunting)

Have a good day!

velvet said...

your calendar is beautiful - wow, you are quite the scrapbooker! i am into cardmaking, which is similar but not as hard. and i watched the biggest loser last nite, too - as i ate a huge bowl of ice cream! but i felt guilty about it, so does that count? don't you love when the kids get the camera - my six year old loves to steal ours and snap rude shots of his *ahem* - thank goodness for the delete button!!

Heather said...

I...LOVE...THE...CALENDARS!!! What a great idea!! Methinks I need to make some for my mom and sis...yeah, after I scrap our wedding (3 years ago) and our firstborn (1.5 ago). I'll put that on my list.

Sherry said...

I love the pictures the kids took! Wonder what else they do when we are not around?

Charmaine said...

Awww --- how awesome it is that teenage boys sneak off to take pictures of their baby sister? Love those kids of yours!