Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter blues

A view from our old back door on Anderson St, Lake Orion, MI
Dad, Me (grey), Tom, Andy (black suit), and Beck (green) building an incredible snow fort
February 2007: from this point and down...

I'm not complaining, just mentioning that I'm over winter. We had a little taste of spring around these parts over the past couple of days.
Here's an interesting Indiana day, rain, overcast, thunderstorm blows in, lightening, fierce winds, temp. still holding at around 50 degrees. In a matter of MINUTES, wind shifts from the south to northerly breezes...straight from Canada and all of those other really cold, snowy places on the globe...(this is where your teeth chatter, k?). Snow blowing, wind still whipping and roads icing over. It is so funny to me how many different types of weather we can get right here in the grand midwestern United States. Un-believable! Thankfully, our house is going nowhere...this house that David (and some other guys) built!

How are you today? Safe and warm? I hope so! Hang in there, friend, Spring is on it's way, the groundhog will do his jig really soon here!
Today was my first full day without any coffee...I can't believe I have to type that...but if I want to get better, lose weight, dissolve kidney stone, gonna hafta start making even better choices...boo hoo. good night.


velvet said...

brrr!! at least the kids look like they are having fun! :)

becky said...

For some reason, it seems that the snow and cold were easier to bear as children. Not sure why...maybe it was that green strawberry snowsuit that did it...Maybe it's b/c we're hauling kiddos around now that makes it SUCK!!! I want to move west. Love the sledding at night pics! That looks so fun!!

Heather said...

This weather is WEIRD!! Like horror movie creepy! Indiana... No coffee...*very worried face*...? I know I'd have big, BIG problems if I lost my java. What about tea...?
Warm, cozy, spring-like wishes to you and yours!

Nicky said...

I so don't even wanna think about going outside. Lets all spend the day praying for spring. You think that would work? We always thought it would when we were kids. Is there a pic of your house that D-man built on here somewhere? Smooch

Sherry said...

OH...if only spring would come, and soon!