Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Porky Pig, Americanos and more dear in headlights

Levi, Porky Piggin' it
talk about a high maintenance drink, my sweet Americano the face I see when I ask for help with the babies...just kiddin-love you babe

I really do think this guy is cute though, but this is not one of his more flattering shots! He was on the floor, getting ready for work, and I looked over to this...(long story) but at least he wasn't yelling at me.
Um, so it's a slow news day really. I have a load of stuff to do today, none worth mentioning. I am getting my hubby and 3 oldest kids ready for a jaunt over to the in-laws...Mel has piano lessons, school, exercise...ahhhhhhhhh.
Levi has been walking around like Porky Pig all day (my new fave saying, thanks to my sister, it's where one has a shirt on but no pants)...he does have his briefs on but this kid loves to PP it.
The coffee cup is a sweet reminder of a fun visit with some friends last night...I think I will save this cup for ever.
I need to get a life.
time to run...peace out peeps!


Nicky said...

Still waiting for my coffee date. Where's my coffee date? Why doesn't anyone want to have a coffee date with me. Ohmigosh, I'm beginning to sound like the middle child. Smooch.

calamityjane said...

porky pig! too funny. what is it with boys and wearing no pants? we can barely get in the door before sky's come flying off, and sharkey's favorite look is just shoes and socks with a diaper. kids! :)

athomemama said...

Nicky - I am game for a coffee date with you any ol' day!! Bring...It....ON!! you are a middle child also?? maybe we shouldn't be friends, we are both too insecure in our placement. :)
Velvet - it is definitely a boy thing, I can say! Levi is all undies. I can just picture sweet sharkey in his shoes/socks and diaper with that cute little baby face!! mmmmmm mmmmmmm!

Sherry said...

Porky pig - how cute!

Love the coffee cup - I still don't understand the whole combination - you need to explain it in detail on your blog. I'm a visual person so maybe if I see it written out, explained, I'll understand better.

Me? Vanilla latte', thank you very much!

Huggy poohs

Oh - Nicky? Just you wait. One day those little peeps will be so grown up and you'll be able to go get coffee any ole'time and you'll long for the baby days back!

becky said...

I love Dear's face. It reminds me of Scott's dopey look, but a little more surprised. LOVE to see Levi pp-in' it. Too cute. As for the coffee...no wonder you love coffe! You can't even TASTE the COFFEE. :) THat's pretty much my speed, though! :O Thanks for another fantastic entry! It's the reason that i come to work...well, that and my husband would choke me if i didn't...ha ha