Sunday, January 27, 2008

Patria-Family or a group of families!

~~my peeps on the bottom right, that blur of yellow in center is Levi!!~~
><>< ~~taffymakers...hope their hands are clean~~
>< ~~the view from the front...lots of couches!~~
Most Saturday evenings, from 7 p.m. till whenever I can pull my people away from this place, we attend an awesome Bible study, led by two servants named Mike and Pam. They are the epitome of Christ on earth, serving, loving, ministering in ways that we don't even think of. On Friday nights, they host a jr. high group called "Kaleo" which means to invite...Will and E. go on occasion. Sunday nights, they host a sr. high group called "Phos/Ontos" and I don't remember what that means actually.

Mike teaches on very relevant subjects, like last night was how we can be salt and light in the world (eg, shining our lights before men so that they will know we serve Jesus Christ and being salt to the world, adding flavor, never dull, healing wounds etc), we read a group of verses from the Bible, and then we do our BOG (Break Out Group) where each family goes over some pertinent questions and find ways to apply the lesson we just heard. Onto the FAT (Family Activity Time)...sometimes this can be quite physical and sometimes we make a craft or as we did last night, completed the last step in the salt water taffy process (salt)...

Mike B. gets his whistle going, all of the kids are at attention, waiting for their next "command" from's an incredible experience to be a part of life at their house...

These pix are just a tiny glimpse into what's going on in their ministry...I didn't even get a pic of Mr. B but I will...I did, however, get a pic of his patient, calm, on top of things wife, Pam with their newly adopted 2-year old daughter from Haiti, Ellie...she is so sweet and congrats to them on the new addition to their (and our) family!

Next time, I need to blog what their house is like...quite, arcade, cafe, ping pong, carpet ball, pop machine, candy wall..o my...found another reason to blog....We thank the Lord for the gift of Patria, Mike, Pam, Ellie and all the fun and serving friends that go along with it!!
Happy Monday...I am off to bed...thanks for your thoughts and prayers, faithful friends! I truly appreciate it! :)


becky said...

Where were these pics taken? THat's not their house, is it? I love the pic of blurry little Levi. it's kinda funny when you enlarge it. Looks like such a cool group and it's awesome that it's something that your whole fam can do together!

Brittany said...

That sounds like total fun!