Saturday, January 19, 2008

Grandma's annual winter clearance event

My parents are so kind and generous! Mom and I went clearance shopping last night...Target and Kohl's. Kohl's has 70-80% off sales about this time of year. Target had 4 shirts Mel liked, a black hoodie, and sweat pants for about 15 bucks. You can't beat that!! Mel, Will and E. all needed some clothing badly...I can't seem to keep these growing people clothed...they are all at "in-between" stages in clothes as well so it can be extremely frustrating! Thank you, Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, for helping us out!! We are so grateful to you!
This bottom pic was taken per Levi's request...he washed his hair by himself last night and he wanted me to take a picture so he could show Pa (my dad). Isn't he such a big kid?
I will post some not very good pix from the boys' indoor soccer game this morning, a bit later on, maybe. I feel a nap coming on. See ya!!


Sherry said...

Cool clothes! Sales? I feel a shopping trip coming on!

You go, Levi - good job on the hair!

velvet said...

your kids are so beautiful, and look so happy. hmm...methinks i must run out to kohl's now!! :)

becky said...

There's nothing better than mom and a kohl's sale...she's the best!!!

Nicky said...
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