Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sweet little gams and good friends

Well, good evening!
Just wanted to quickly post these simply adorable pix of my dear daughter's legs! This is the sight I walked in to in my room this morning...she was laying behind the rubble of our bedding and that cute li'l leg was just stick straight up in the air...don't ya just love that little calf muscle?? o boy...priceless. I love her emerging personality. Her looks are changing (you are so right, Sherry, she HAS changed so much in the last 6 weeks)...she is still just such a good baby...I am rather fond of her. (and this is where I will sing "You are my sunshine"...)
The last two pix are my girls!! We met up today and I am just lovin' all 3 of 'em! You ROCK, girls! I thank the Lord, daily, for putting you into my life!! Thank you for your encouragement and support! Wow!! just plain WOW!!!
Ok, good night folks!!
***see the post directly above this one...someone is a ditz and forgot to upload the pix***

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