Monday, January 7, 2008

Around the house (I have nothing better to do)

Mr. Smoothie, meet Mrs. Pumpkin Muffin (this was David's dinner)
My Food processor Christmas gift...makes loverly salsa
our scary staircase...I'm falling here... My chair finally has it's mate...we got our ottoman!! Yah!!
Brings home the bacon (eww) and hangs w/ the kids
Will, checking out this blog w/Melanie
Sneaky Pete (aka Ethan)
love least Levi is cute!
Not much to post about today other than life around the homestead. It was stinkin' 67 whopping degrees that was weird. We worked on our school work, rocked the pathway, tried to finish Beck's calendar...(almost done B but not quite)...and then ran some errands this evening! I'm really tired but wanted to post the pic of my beautiful new food processor and all of these other pix were just little extras. I felt bad because I have been posting so many Molly pix lately so I wanted to include our other offspring (spawn, I like to call 'em)! But now I'm Beck has something to look at when she gets to work in the morning and my work here is DONE. g'night folks. love and peace out to you!
<><>Yes, indeed, it IS a slow news day...and that's a good thing<><>


velvet said...

you are so funny! and honestly, you look the same as you did in high school! your son's friends probably think you are a hot mama! :) i totally forgot about those high school plays - and that i was your daughter! i just remember ben jones always trying to make me laugh right before i had to go on! andypants looks (and acts!) exactly the same as always - i'll have to find a really embarrassing picture of him and put it on my blog. i'm such a cradle robber! :) it has been totally fun chatting!!

Heather said...

I LOVE the random pictures! Photojournalism - telling the story of your life and family through pictures! You have a beautiful family - mom included (i.e. YOU)!!

Nicky said...
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Sherry said...

Love the food processer! Can't wait to taste some salsa from that baby!

velvet said...

i was scrolling through your pictures and your kids are gorgeous - your older daughter looks so much like you! your comments on my blog are making me laugh - you are too much! oh, and now i really want a smoothie, by the way!!

velvet said...

yikes - my past will come back to haunt me! :) i wonder how amanda hooks is doing? i haven't talked to her since our HS graduation day. it's a riot that you think of me as so young - i'm such an old lady now! last nite andypants and i tried to watch a movie after the kids were in bed (a rarity!), and i couldn't keep my eyes open past 10:30! i am officially my mother now! and i love scrolling through your blog - you have such a fun family and i love how there is so much laughter in your pictures. :)

Charmaine said...

Love the slice of life!

P.S. Come see me next time you're nearby... :)